Thursday, September 1, 2011

I e.l.f.-ed Again . . .

I couldn't help it!!! They were offering 50% off of all Studio and Mineral line cosmetics and I was dying to try some of their eyeliners, lip products and eye pigments.

The pigments? They did not disappoint!

I ordered Naturally Nude, Baked Brown and Magical Maroon. Naturally Nude was more of a warm beige gold, not at all what I'd call "nude", but in a good way! I LOVE this shade! Baked Brown was darker than I had expected and Maroon was less purple, more burgundy. Here they are swatched:

The shadows each come with a tiny little brush that is too small to be useful and sheds like crazy. I tossed the brushes, and kind of wish they hadn't been included at all since they cheapened the whole experience. These shadows are actually REALLY spectacular . . . densely pigmented (what you see in the tub is what you get on your lids) and long wearing (I wore them over Too Faced Shadow Insurance, but was still impressed by how little they faded over the course of the day).

Here's a FOTD using Naturally Nude and Magical Maroon (with a cameo from my husband, in the background chasing the Meyers around trying to get him shod and sunblocked for the day):


Natalie J said...

I hope our ELF addiction doesn't get out of hand! Hehe. :)

HollyLynne said...

Last night I dreamt that e.l.f. sold camera lenses. CAN YOU IMAGINE?! I got a 10-20 w/ filters and hoods for $29.95 (Why, my dreams ARE very specific, now that you mention it!).