Monday, September 19, 2011

Dinos . . . RAWR!

I assume we've all seen at least one of the Night at the Museum movies, yes? I LOVE them and I can't wait until Rhys is old enough to enjoy them with me. We can watch a movie . . . then go to our very own Los Angeles Natural History Museum which, while it probably won't come alive, is still jam packed with awesome, awesome exhibits.

I actually have a whole list of movie tie-in activities to share with Rhys when he is a little older . . . watching Ratatouille / making ratatouille, watching Pirates / riding pirates, watching old school 50s movies / making recipes from my 50s Betty Crocker Cookbook for Kids.

BIG SIGH . . . it'll be so much fun.


We visited the Natural History Museum a little while ago. And it was rad.

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