Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Baby in a Suit!

Ready for the rest of the photos I took at my brother in law's beautiful wedding? OK!

For starters, the groom picked awesome 16 sided die cufflinks as groomsmen's gifts. Here's my hubs modeling them:

Little Man made a new baby friend . . . :

. . . he behaved himself admirably, playing with Grandpa Allan for hours on the stairs while bridal party portraits were being taken. . . :

. . . and he looked quite dapper in his suit:

Mama and Dada didn't look half bad either:

The bride and groom looked gorgeous showing up for their reception (at their home! how incredibly fun!):

The best man had really appropriate hand tattoos:

The babies enjoyed a little sci-fi inspired story time:

And the whole evening was just plain gorgeous:

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Diane said...

Yep, gorgeous.