Thursday, August 4, 2011

Zoo Baby

Last August we took Rhys to the zoo for the first time and, since we went with my parents, it just so happened to work out that we could buy a zoo membership for the three of us and get my parents in with free member guest passes for essentially the same price as buying four adult tickets. Thus, we became Zoo Members (Capitalized, bitches!).

Although we are Zoo Members, we haven't done all that much zoo going because: a) the zoo parking lot fills COMPLETELY within an hour of opening time most weekend days, b) we are also Disneyland Annual Passholders (that should probably be ALL CAPS) and if we've got Zoo on one hand and DISNEYLAND on the other, well, you do the math and c) since he wasn't yet walking, lots of the super fun kids activities weren't really accessible to the ol' Meyers.

This past weekend, however, we dusted off our Zoo Member cards and carted our newly toddling toddler off to see the animals. We arrived at 10:30am and had no trouble finding a parking spot, with plans to leave by around 1pm (naptime!), which, it turns out, got us out before the true crowds rolled in. Doing the zoo right . . . priceless.

We saw flamingos

Checked out the gorillas:

Ran around by the elephant enclosure:

Did lots of running and playing in the super awesome California Condor themed Kids Discovery Center:

Which Rhys LOVED. There were soft mats for him to run around and tumble on, other kids for him to "make friends with" (his version involves coming face to face with another toddler, screaming at the top of his lungs, then shouting "HI!!!". It is sometimes effective, sometimes not). The exhibit was super fun, but perhaps a little creepy:

And we had a great opportunity for a side by side year later photo comparison, with orangutans!

Here is 3 month old Rhys and his daddy checking out the apes:

And now 15 month old Rhys, almost exactly a year later, we're off by about two weeks:

I think he's getting cuter, what do you think?

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