Sunday, August 14, 2011

Ulta Bonus Quad #2 . . . BLUE!

So! Blue eyeshadow. It has been a WHILE, is all I'm saying. I can remember a specific pan of frosty blue shadow I had and loved when I was about 7 (1987!) and, since then? Can't say I've used "love" and "blue eyeshadow" in the same sentence.

Here's the bonus quad:

Fairly unassuming, right? Except for that frosty blue in the upper right hand corner, the shades are all pretty wearable. The colors are, clockwise from top left, Silk (not even blue!), Moonbeam, Sapphire and Peacock. Sapphire is a lovely navy that worked spectacularly as a liner. Peacock is, indeed, blue, but greyed down a notch and totally wearable. The only shade that hearkened back to 1987 was Moonbeam, and with a bit of blending even that looked modern and cool.

I paused halfway through blending to take photos of my boy, being adorable in the mirror:

And once I was done, I had this:

Pretty darn wearable, I think. I haven't walked around feeling like I have a giant neon sign over my head flashing "BLUE! EYESHADOW!", in any event. I don't think this quad will wind up in heavy rotation, but I'll be keeping it in my kit to play with in the event the urge ever strikes.

What's the wackiest shadow shade you've worn lately?

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