Friday, August 26, 2011

The Revenge of the Disney Birthday Extravaganza

So! Where were we? Oh yes, just finished up watching the Disneyland fireworks from my parents' balcony and off to bed the night before our big DISNEYLAND day!

We kicked off day two with another McDonalds' breakfast (Disney and McDonalds' brekkie . . . they just belong together!) and headed into the park. We made a beeline for the all new Star Tours and it didn't disappoint! We used the rider switch option (poor Meyers . . . too small for Star Tours!) and funnily, even given 50 possible ride combinations, we all wound up going on the same adventure! All well though, Hoth was rad!

While we waited for my parents to make their Star Tours Journey, we let Rhysapotomus run around the Star Trader gift shop:

Then we all went on Buzz Lightyear's Astro Blasters together . . . and I scored my personal best, 496,100 points. Seriously! I even ranked . . . I had the 35th best score for the day so far (It was only about 10am . . . but I'm still proud!):

After Buzz, the hubs and I took a quick, baby-free trip on Space Mountain . . . we'd gotten FastPasses earlier and I was so excited to ride, since in the last 2 years we've had Disneyland passes I've either been pregnant or had a wee Meyers strapped to me through our whole visit, so I haven't been able to ride anything big. Whee!!!

By the time we finished Space Mountain, Rhysosaur was pooped and happily fell asleep in the Ergo. We used the downtime to play with our camera and lenses in Disneyland's central plaza:

After which The Meyers woke up, we had an excellent lunch at the Hungry Bear (Fried Green Tomato Sandwiches! Sweet Potato Fries!) and headed on in to New Orleans Square, my favorite part of the park, for a little Haunted Mansion action:

Sang "Yo ho, yo ho, a pirate's life for RHYS!":

And shared a mint julep:

We headed into Toontown next to let Rhysaroni run amok:

We met the big cheese himself (Rhys was unimpressed):

After which Rhys and I visited the (awesome!) Disneyland baby care center for some nursing privacy. Rhys fell asleep and consented to be passed off to Grandma and Grandpa for a bit so that the Boy and I could ride Indiana Jones together:

The Meyers finished off the day on a high note, by stealing Boy's corndog:

So! There you have it! An exhaustive, photo laden account of our trip to the Mouse House. I loved every second of it!

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Diane said...

Loved every minute. Although my feet still hurt :-)