Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Multi Musical

My parents had their big "Canadian Musicians BBQ" over the weekend . . .the one where they invite all of their Canadian musician friends to stay, eat and jam. This year, there were precious few actual Canadian musicians . . . they still managed a few jam sessions though.

And we were able to introduce The Meyers to his first, real, full on drum kit:

He also got to play around with our family friend's 10 month old on the keyboards:

Rhys even got to play with a tambourine:

I suspect his first love, though, is still the guitar:

(Or is it drums?)

Do your kids take music lessons of any kind? Did you as a child? What instruments? What age did they/you start?


Nolita said...

I wish I had taken music lessons but I didn't. My daughter has taken piano lessons from age 4-8. She's 9 now but we had to take a break when we unexpectedly added 2 toddlers to our family. Her piano teacher was great in that she included voice and had our daughter singing at various festivals in town. We are planning to get her back in music lessons ASAP and ditto with the Little Ones. All of the kiddos seem to be musically inclined so we want to encourage that.

HollyLynne said...

4 . . . ok, I have a few years then :) I'm glad your dauther enjoyed piano! I've heard it is a great foundation for learning other instruments. I'd love for Rhys to be able to play something . . . I can't (despite having a very musically inclined dad and being very into music myself . . . I never picked up on any of the instruments he tried to teach me).

Natalie J said...

My dad would definitely tell you that a teenager learning the cello in the house is no fun. That only lasted 3 months before he decided it had to go. Hehe.