Saturday, August 27, 2011

Halloween is Coming!!!

I'm a big fat dork who loves Halloween. And, as such, every year I anxiously await the arrival of Halloween related merchandise in stores. The day before my birthday last week I got an email from Bath and Body works about their new Halloween line and, internet?, I was in a store snapping things up within about 12 hours. Here are some of my purchases:

Halloween Anti Bac Hand Soaps

We've got a baby, We need anti-bac soap ANYWAYS. Might as well make it festive for the holiday!

Halloween Themed Body Lotion in Sinful Vanilla

Frankly? I wanted them all. I settled for Sinful Vanilla though: a fresh, clean smelling vanilla in a to die for adorable red bottle. I detect a faint whiff of mens' cologne in this one . . . I was kind of hoping it'd be more creamy and puddingy (like the original B&BW vanilla bean . . . anyone remember that? It smelled EXACTLY like pudding. I loved it!). Still, nice all the same.

Bat Pocket-Bac holder
with Skulls Pocket-Bac

Are you seeing this? Is this not the cutest thing EVER?! I fully intend to keep my bat tethered to my son's diaper kit YEAR ROUND. It is adorable and just the right dash of creepy. SQUEE!

Halloween Lip Glosses in Bad Witch and Vampire Vixen

These . . . well . . . I don't know why I keep buying Bath and Body Works lip glosses. Actually, I do. It is because they're adorable. But they're on the pricey side and, while I tend to love them intensely for about a week and a half, after that they get sticky, goopy and smelly and I wind up tossing them into the bottom of my makeup drawer never to emerge again. These two glosses are probably going to suffer the same fate, but I'm liking them right now. Bad Witch is a color changer that goes on clear but turns into a jelly, sheer fuchsia. Vampire Vixen is shown on my lips below:

Fun stuff, right? Do you geek out on Halloween?

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DomestiKook said...

I made this few years ago. He's npt quite complete here, but you get the gist. We wired him with tiny strobes and a voice box that went off when people made noise under him. We strapped him up so he looked like a giant flying wraith.