Tuesday, August 16, 2011

A Grand Day Out

My birthday is coming up on Thursday, and since we've got a packed 4 day weekend coming up (a family reunion, nighttime movie at the museum, hosting a bridal tea for my soon to be new sister in law, a DISNEYLAND trip!), Boy, nugget and I decided to plan a mellow family day for the three of us this past Saturday. It was MY DAY in honor of my birthday. Meaning that I got to pick where we went, what we ate, what we did and even how much time I was allotted to fiddle around and take photos of stuff. It was pretty rad!

I decided we should go to the beach to let the Meyers build a sand castle . . .

. . . splash in the waves . . .

. . . and dig a sandy hole.

We stopped back at our car for a quick costume change (fortunately, we'd brought clean outfits for everyone, since we made quick work of destroying all of our clothes at the beach. Like, to the point where I had to carry the Meyers back to the car in a diaper and my shirt (while I kept covered at least to the point of decency, nevermind modesty though, in a bikini top and a baby carrier. Bringing a baby to the beach requires minimum 3 changes of baby clothes. Live and learn!)

We continued on to do a little shopping (I bought 3 striped tops at Forever 21 without feeling at all guilty that they were kinda similar and that I already have like 9,000 striped tops at home. Ok, maybe a little guilty, but less so than usual because it was MY DAY.) We finished the day with dinner at The Kings Head pub.

It was pretty perfect!


Nutsy Coco said...

Sounds like fun! And I'm jealous of the trip to King's Head. It's been so long since I've been there!

HollyLynne said...

Wish you still lived out here so we could go together! Do you ever come visit? If you do, we should grab a pint :)