Thursday, August 18, 2011

e.l.f. 100 Eyeshadow Palette

I have to preface this by saying I wasn't intending to write this post at all because of a shipping snafu I experienced ordering from e.l.f. Their site claims that orders ship within 3-5 days . . . mine shipped on the ELEVENTH day. ELEVEN DAYS. For someone who is notoriously impatient, that was just plain unacceptable. The shipping itself took an additional SEVEN DAYS. SEVEN! I was DYING, I tell you.

HOWEVER! I emailed e.l.f. once I realized what was happening and they responded within an hour or so giving me a $5 coupon code to use on a future order (which isn't combine-able w/ other discounts *grumble*, but still). It wasn't a perfect resolution, but an acceptable one.

My makeup arrived (AT LONG LAST) yesterday and I tried some out this morning. I was surprised to find myself VERY impressed with the 100 eyeshadow palette I purchased for a mere $10. So impressed that I decided I'd feature and review it here, shipping issues notwithstanding.

So, without further dithering, here is the 100:

Pretty, innit?

Mine doesn't look quite so pretty anymore because I let the Meyers run around with it a bit and he dropped it, so now I've got a 99 instead of a 100, but I digress . . .

The shadows themselves cover a wide range of shades, with more wearable neutrals flanking the left and right sides and wilder, brighter colors congregating in the middle. Mattes, pearls and glitters are all well represented.

The first shades I used included a pale white with green/gold shimmer, a charcoal grape shade, a snow white for the inner corners of my eyes and a black (the less glittery of the two I had to chose from) as a liner. The white with green/gold shimmer was the standout of the bunch, going on smoothly and looking like an expensive duochrome on the lid. The charcoal grape, which I used in the crease, blended easily and gave me adequate color payoff. The base shade was the only one of the four I used that suffered from any fallout, which makes me think there's a bit of variation in formula across the 100 shades. I'd have to try the rest to be certain (which could take years! I don't see myself building up the courage to use, say, blood red or cobalt blue, anytime soon), but suffice it to say I was reasonably impressed by the formula and colors represented in the four shades I tried this morning. I wore these on top of Too Faced Shadow Insurance and they are lasting as well as any shadows do on top of that primer (which is WELL. Very, very well.)

Here's what they looked like on the lid:

Would I recommend it? Absolutely. The palette isn't all purpose: it is too big for travel and the individual pans are small, so if you use one shade daily you'll run out very quickly. It is, however, a great value kit full of decent (drug store quality . . . not luxury brand quality) shadows that are a ton of fun to play with. You could do a lot worse for $10.

My original idea was to do a different eye every day for a week. Anyone interested in seeing that kind of a feature?


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