Monday, August 1, 2011

Disco Worthy Nails

Pinterest isn't directly responsible for this manicure . . . I will admit, however, that seeing bad-ass glitter manicures on Pinterest is what drove me to strive for the pinnacle of sparkly nail goodness.

My obsession started when I saw these gorgeous nails, done with Minx manicure films. I did some research and found that the films a) must be applied in a salon, b) are crazy expensive and c) aren't known for their longevity. (Correct me if you've tried them and I'm wrong . . . I'd LOVE to be wrong here, as I still very much want mirrored nails.)

In looking around for an alternative, I discovered Milani Jewel FX glitter polish. This glitter . . . it's like, whoa. Huge chunks of gold (or silver, or multicolored glitter, as the case may be) suspended thickly in a clear varnish base. When applied just so, it is possible to cover the whole nail in glitter globs, resulting in a crazy cool disco ball effect. It isn't a mirror finish, but it is a passable alternative.

What nail polish colors have you been rocking lately?

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