Monday, August 15, 2011

"BU!!!" *Shouted loudly and accompanied by wild pointing towards the bin of childrens' books beside our bed

My precious boy enjoys nothing more than a good book. He asks for a "BU!!!" first thing upon waking and after his late afternoon "na" (his word for nursing).

Side note: He is, however, TOTALLY uninterested in bedtime stories. Nothing comes between Rhys and his nigh nighs when he decides it is bedtime.

Lately The Meyers has also taken an interest in our box of wedding photos. On Wednesday night last week, he was rifling through the photo box and picked up one of my husband and I. He pointed to the hubs in the photo and said "DADA!", then to my actual, real-life husband and said "DADA!!!!", back and forth, photo to real person . . . guys, I saw the lightbulbs floating over his head, and it was RAD.

I decided right there and then to make him a personalized photo book a la a book I saw on Pinterest. I spent about 30 minutes raiding my Flickr account for clear, single theme photos, then about 30 minutes on Photoshop adding simple captions. I uploaded the resulting jpgs to Costco's photo printing site and we had them in hand by Thursday evening. I'd also stopped at Aaron Brothers (with Rhys on our lunchtime walk!) and picked up an inexpensive mini photo album (which is snakeskin printed. Don't judge.) Total project investment in time: about an hour and money: $6.62.

I couldn't be happier with how the book turned out, and Rhys really seems to like it! We spent a good 30 minutes reading it a few times last night and did another reading ths morning. I espeically love that I can easily change out the photos periodically to keep things interesting for Rhys. Now that I know the concept is one Rhys enjoys and the project is such an easy one to complete, I'm going to make another book using photos taken specifically for the book(and prettier, more deliberate layouts and fonts, a la the Pinterest book).

Here's a glimpse:

The cover:

Mama and Dada:

Other very important people:

We covered feelings:




We included just a little bit of indoctrination:

And signed off with the classic childrens' book ending:

I'm so pleased with how the book came out! Can't wait to make a few more.


Natalie J said...

That is such a cute idea! :)

Diane said...

It's fabulous! What a wonderful idea.