Thursday, July 21, 2011

Rainbow Bookshelf

I can't even say for sure where I saw this idea first . . . Apartment Therapy? Oh Dee Doh? Design Sponge? In any event, some of the credit is probably due to my HUSBAND who organized the books in our living room credenza by color (black, whites and reds) several months ago. Why did I shout HUSBAND in all caps? Because he is in all other regards terrified of color. He insists on keeping the walls of our condo white (sigh!) and is the reason behind our almost all black bedroom (not because he likes black, but because he wouldn't agree on any other color). So when I suggested a "rainbow bookcase" (in those words even!), I fully expected him to balk. Internet? He did not balk. He agreed. And even helped me!

Here is the "before" (which, while admittedly not "bad" or "messy", isn't particularly eye catching either.)

And here are the glorious afters:

Isn't it gorgeous? And how many other awesome home improvement projects can you think of that are FREE and require absolutely no special supplies or materials? We did this completely on a whim . . . literally, it was either watch Inception on Netflix or do the bookcase (wild Saturday night, what can I say?) and within 2 hours of making the decision, we had a completed rainbow bookshelf (and were pretty damn pleased with ourselves, to boot).


(PS: We still haven't watched Inception . . . will we like it?)


Nutsy Coco said...

Pretty! :)

My design side has been wanting to do this for awhile but my OCD organizational side likes having my books organized by category. So far it's winning...

I liked Inception but didn't think it was totally amazing like some people did.

HollyLynne said...

We had them organized by category before this! I found, though, that i so rarely went back for anything . . . and if i didn't need them organized so that I could find things easily, why not let them be pretty instead :)

Good to hear about Inception. We'll watch it this weekend probably. Hope we like it!