Friday, July 22, 2011

Pleased Beyond Words . . .

. . . with my newly organized craft supplies!!!

Did everyone hear about Carmageddon? I happen to live right along the closure route, so the family and I decided to stay home ALL last weekend . . . no driving whatsoever. It was a bit of a novelty for us, but I have to say it was actually a really enjoyable weekend. We spent some time splashing in the pool, walking to local places for snacks and shopping, and a big chunk of time organizing the office.

We knew planned in advance that we'd work on the office, so we were able to strategize storage containers and furniture beforehand. We had everything ready to go and I actually started going through my things during the week leading up to carmageddon . . . about 2 hours per night on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. With 2-3 hours of work on Saturday, I was finished! And now I get to work from this gloriously organized (and LABELED!) supply hutch:

The hutch holds all of my jewelry making supplies, my Etsy wares, my stamping and paper goods supplies, felting, embroidery and supplies to make feather fascinators.

In addition, I work from this desk and chest, which hold my metalworking tools and chemicals, main sewing machine, general craft supplies and sewing necessities (notions, zippers, thread, ribbon, etc.):

I especially love the assortment of pinboards, framed photos and Rhys' artwork that I've got strewn along the walls.

My fabric is stored in a leather storage bench and my yarn is stored in my old wooden childhood toy box, both in a hallway off the office opposite our laundry room.

Boy's side doesn't look half bad either.

I'm pleased as punch and I can't even tell you how much nicer it has been to create in our newly hyper-organized space.

Have you ever posted photos of your craft workspace? I'd love to see links if you have!

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