Thursday, July 7, 2011

Pintrest Rules My Life: Waffle Cookies

Item number two on the "List of Pins I've Made Reality" are these super cute chocolate chip cookies, "baked" on a waffle iron. Adorbs, right?

I tried them first using my standard chocolate chip cookie recipe and they were . . . ok. It didn't help that I over cooked them. The instructions read 1 1/2 to 3 minutes and I erred on the side of 3 to avoid undercooking. Big mistake! Upon further experimentation I found that they took just ONE minute, on level 3 of my waffle iron (as opposed to level 4 1/2, which is what I usually use for waffles). The recipe in the original pin, involving melted butter and very little flour, is more batter-like than my standard cookie recipe, which worked well in this context. If you're interested in trying this, I'd suggest that you go with the recipe linked to in the original pin along with a medium temp and 1 minute cooking time.

While the cookies themselves are fairly standard taste wise, everyone who saw these got a big kick out of the waffle shape. And you know where they'd really shine? In a dorm room. Fresh baked cookies with no oven. Awesome, right?

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