Monday, July 25, 2011

Pinterest Rules My Life: And now my hair is fuchsia

So, can I assume we all saw Lauren Conrad's AMAZING dip dye pink and blue dye job? No? Well, go check it out then!

Of all the things I've seen on Pinterest and copied (and there are many!), this was probably the most complex. It involved a commitment (both to multi-colored hair and a time commitment). It involved money (quite a bit actually, since I had to have this done in a salon). It involved sparring with my husband over the fact that it took four hours to have done (I didn't knowwwww!!! Guys, seriously, I thought two hours tops.)

At the end of the day though? SO FREAKING GLAD I did it. I showed my stylist the picture linked above but asked for it to be done in red and black. Guys, he did a kick ass job (Adam at B2V, if you're in the LA area!). He was meticulious. Not only are the colors perfect, better than I'd imagined, he managed to blend them so well that people honestly don't even notice right away.

Let me repeat that: I have fuschia hair, and people don't notice right away.

I couldn't be happier

Have you ever had crazy hair color? Did you love it?

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