Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Dear Meyers

Dear Bub Bubs,

You are fourteen months and 5 days old today. My baby . . . almost a toddler. Where has the time gone?

There will probably always be a part of me that pines for the time when you were tiny (or, as tiny as you ever were . . . which wasn't all that tiny, my 9lb 13oz moosebaby!). I've got to say, though, that I've been loving watching you grow up, learn new things and become your own little person. When I pictured being a mom, I imagined back to school nights, reading stories, trick or treating, Disney movies, baking together . . . things we'll probably do when you're a little bit older. Watching you grow hasn't been all that bittersweet for me since I know we've got a ton of fun in store.

You've taken your first tentative steps. You're very much your daddy's son . . . so cautious and careful! I think you're probably fully capable of taking off running, you just don't realize it yet. There's nothing you love more than dragging your dad or I around by the hand, preferbly up and then down the stairs. Repeatedly.

You also love being pushed along outside in your red Radio Flyer car. You know where the car is parked, by the door and you'll crawl or cruise your way over there, climb in and point at the front door, jabbering "Door! Door!" You actually really love doors, in all contexts. Whether slamming our bedroom door, opening and closing the gate on the way out of daycare every evening or, performing your newest trick, standing up on your toes and reaching our door knobs. You opened our bedroom door by yourself for the first time last night . . . I could almost see the lightbulbs flashing above your head.

Your vocabulary continues to expand at an astonishing pace. For posterity, here are the words you can say: Mama (and mommy, which comes out "mom-meh"), dada, this (dis), I got, I dis, water (wa wa), waffle (also, wa wa, but we can usually tell which one you mean!), nose, eye and mouth (complete with pointing to the aforementioned parts), hi, bye bye, wow, uh oh, nice, ball, bubbles, door, Chewbacca (Bac!), up, down (used to great effect while going up and down the stairs), no, yes (DES!), na (nursing), ba ba (for your sippy cups at daycare), book (Bu!), Moo and Baa (which you will say when asked what cows and/or sheep say), out and dance.

You love airplanes. You can hear them long before your dad or I can and you'll stop whatever you're doing, look up and point. You have a toy airplane that you love to play with, although I'm not certain you've linked the two concepts yet. We'll be taking you on your first plane ride in November, to go to the UK, and I'm hoping it'll blow your mind.

You eat pretty much what your dad and I eat now, except with more bananas! You love bananas, other fruits aren't your cup of tea, though. Some of your favorite foods are zucchini, hummus, beans, guacamole, toast, ravioli and cereal bars. You still nurse at least 2 or 3 times each weekday, more often on the weekends. I still pump for you and send two cups of my milk to daycare along with one cup of cow's milk. I'm proud of us for making it this far! You're moving towards weaning, setting your own pace. You used to nurse in the car every morning before daycare, for example, and you gave up that nursing session about a month ago.

You love being read to. The first thing you do upon waking weekend mornings is to point to the side of the bed where you know I've got a stack of your books stashed and say "Bu!!!". We read 3-4 before even getting out of bed. Your favorites are your Star Wars ABC book (in which you can point out Chewbacca (Bac!) and everyone's noses) and a first words book illustrated with famous artworks. We also read after work and daycare, before daddy gets home each evening.

You love your daddy. When we get home from work and daycare, in the garage you ask "Dada?". During that half hour before he gets home you jump, point to the door and ask "Dada?" every time you hear a sound. The smile that lights up your face when he walks through the door is just unbelievable.

You just cut your second molar . . . you have one upper right molar and one bottom left now. They caused you some pain going in, as evidenced by a few sleepless nights. You seem pretty proud of them though . . . when I reach into your mouth to feel how far in they are you smile at me like a little goon.

You continue to be the sweetest, smartest and most beautiful child ever to live. I love you by the bucketload.


Your Mom-meh

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