Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Assvice Wednesdays

I'm starting a new feature around these parts . . . every Wednesday you'll get a nugget of parenting advice, which I promise to keep as un-assy as possible, along with an adorable (usually wholly unrelated) photo of my spawn. Enjoy!


Keep in your car at all times: a big pack of wipes, diapers, a towel, a change of clothes for baby, a change of clothes for you (serious), an assortment of toys and books, plastic grocery bags, baby snacks (if your baby is snack aged), a snack for you (especially if you breastfeed), bottled water, an inexpensive hand operated breastpump (or just an empty, lidded bottle if you know how to hand express), a spare baby carrier if you have one, a baby thermometer, baby Tylenol, baby sunblock, and (extra credit) baby saline and a nasal aspirator. Having a car stash will lighten your diaper bag load considerably, and I can't even tell you how many times the car stash has saved my ass.

Do you have a car stash? What are your essentials?

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