Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Words on Film

While he may have a take it or leave it attitude towards walking, Rhys is VERY much Mr. Talking MacVocabulary-Pants. His first word was "Hi", which I heard as early as four months old and which he said with clarity and in appropriate context by the time he was 7 months old (surprising the hell out of random people he greeted at mommy and me groups).

"Hi" was followed in short order by "Uh-oh", "Mama", "Dada", "Dis (this)", "I dis", "I got", and "Ball"

Rhys added "Wow", "Bye" and "Na" for nursing (which I think is a riff on the fact that I refer to nursing as sNAcks, which term I established consciously early on in order to avoid teaching him "boob"). And then came the dreaded "No", often use to great effect in combination with "Dis", as in "Dis! Dis! Dis! No, no, no!!! DIS!!!!!" (accompanied by furious pointing):

After "No" we got a few verbs: "Nigh-nigh" and "Dance", which Rhys both says and obviously (adorably) understands:

In the last few weeks Rhys has started naming objects: "Bu" for book, "Wa Wa" for water, "Bac" for Chewbacca (Yep). I'm told he says "Ba Ba" for his sippy cup at daycare (but I never hear it at home because he has "Na" instead when he's with me). He also says "Bub-ball" for bubbles:

Rhys' evolution into toddlerhood has been absolutely fascinating to watch. He learns something new every day and I'm positive that he understands even more than I think he does (and I think he understands quite a lot!). He is my little sponge and I'm so proud of his wordy accomplishments!

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