Saturday, June 11, 2011


So! While I was busy not blogging over these last few months, I became very interested in paper crafting and card making and ultimately opened up a second Etsy shop, Steamworks Cards.

It all started innocently enough, as these things do. Rhys had his first birthday and we invited over 60 people to his party. Most of them brought gifts! Which means I wrote many, many thank you notes on Rhys' behalf. I typically find thank you note cards on Etsy . . . I enjoy shopping for them, sending unique cards and supporting a wide variety of Etsy sellers in the process (as I very rarely order from the same card maker twice).

I sent a slew of thank you notes around the time of our wedding and another slew around the time of Rhys' birth. Finding myself with another long list of notes to write, I decided it was high time I learned to make my own cards. I figured I'd buy a few rubber stamps, a few ink pads and some blank cards and call it a day.

Which is exactly what I did . . . at first. My initial investment included two sets of steampunk inspired stamps, an ornate alphabet stamp set, an acyrlic block, a few packs of blank cards and black and gold ink pads.

Then I started thinking how it might be nice to have a few more stamp designs . . . and a few more ink colors . . .

Then I saw a few Tim Holtz Distress Ink demo videos and it was downhill from there.

I got into ink blending! I got into distressing! I got into embossing!

And, in similar circumstances to those under which I opened my first Etsy shop, in short order I got carried away and was making more than I could reasonably use. So, I decided to (once again!) open up a shop to sell off my excess in hopes of making enough to fund my supply purchases.

I've just had my first sale at Steamworks . . . and got to do the first sale happy dance all over again!!! I'm thrilled with how the shop looks and excited about the possibility of running a second business!

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