Sunday, June 19, 2011

Meyers Approved: Rhys' Favorite Toys

Just a sampling, but these are a few toys that Rhys has in heavy rotation at the moment:

Leapfrog Chat and Count Phone

I can hand Rhys this phone and he'll spend at least half our (long ass) drive home from daycare and work pushing buttons and jabbering. Sometimes he's so busy playing that I get to listen to something other than one of our Yo Gabs CDs. Two gold stars.

Leapfrog Cook and Play Potsy

My only complaint about this toy is that the volume is too low. When have you ever heard a parent complain that a toy isn't loud enough? NEVER, right? This toy is so hilarious that I wish it were louder. It says and sings "on/off" and "open/closed" when the lid is removed and replaced. It also satisfies Rhys' obsession with taking things out of containers and putting things back into containers.

Radio Flyer Red Sport Coupe

Worth every red cent we spent on it (and currently on sale for about $20 less than we paid). This car has off the charts play value. We use it as a "stroller" on weekend morning coffee runs; Rhys pushes it around the house to practice walking; it has a working horn, three song "radio", turning key, left and right blinkers, removable gas cap and a functional door, the handle telescopes so adults or kids can push it and, when Rhys is a bit older, he'll be able to push it Flintstones style with his feet. It looks pretty rad sitting in our living room, to boot.


Natalie J said...

Officially, I want one of those cars so that somebody can push me about. I have toddler envy.

HollyLynne said...

You have a Fisher Price record player though, which is pretty rad indeed.