Thursday, June 30, 2011

Quest: Shorts That Don't Make Me Look Like a Jackass

As adorable as JCrew models look in them, teeny shorts aren't a good look for, well . . . anyone but JCrew models. I myself look like a jackass in shorts. In part because I'm painfully pale, and in part because several years of teenage figure skating has left me battered of knee and large in the quads. However, after having spent much of Sunday afternoon roasting in my jeans and after realizing that we've still got a good 30 degrees to go before we reach height of summer LA temperatures, I decided I needed pants, just LIGHTER and SHORTER. Kinda like that time I "invented" belts.

I grabbed a few pairs and tried them on at Gap today.

1969 Boyfriend Cutoff Shorts

These were actually super cute, I was pleasantly surprised! Alas, they were out of them in my size.

Cuffed Shorts in Brown Mustard

I actually was only attracted to these because of the color. They had them styled rolled up in the store display and I wasn't really digging that look. I tried them on and unrolled them and, presto, NON JACKASS-Y SHORTS! I bought these.

Clean Front Bermuda Shorts

I actually really liked these . . . I just couldn't figure out where I'd wear them. The cut and fabric were dressy, but they were . . . shorts? Totally adorbs, if you've can think of somewhere to wear them, but they stayed behind in the dressing room because I couldn't.

All in all, a shockingly very successful shorts finding mission. Huzzah, Gap!

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