Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Photo Pillows

Since Boy, Mooseburger and I are co-sleepers (not how we planned it, but it is working for our family!) and our queen bed was getting to be a tight fit, Boy and I recently invested in new, king-sized bed as an anniversary present to ourselves. BEST IDEA EVER.

It came as a surprise to me, however, that king sized beds take KING SIZED PILLOWS. So, aside from buying new bed pillows, we had to replace our decorative pillows because although our previous pillows were rad and still coordinated with our new black bedding and grey headboard, they now looked shrimpy and inappropriate against their new king sized backdrop.

We saw some gorgeous linen canvas pillows at HD Buttercup, printed with scenes of Paris and we got to talking about how we'd like to try printing some of our own photos on fabric in a black and white, antiqued style to make pillows. I considered laser printing directly to fabric, Citra-Solv, and iron on transfers but in the end, good old fashioned laziness won out and I decided the easiest way to accomplish getting my photos onto a piece of fabric was to pay someone else to put them there.

Enter Spoonflower. I used Photoshop to doctor a few favorite vacation photos and to arrange them on a 58"x36" document (the size of one yard of Spoonflower's fabric). For $27, Spoonflower printed a yard of linen-cotton canvas and, while the wait time for my fabric seemed interminable, I was so thrilled with it once it arrived that I promptly dropped all airs of having been put out by the wait.

With some careful measuring and Photoshopping, I was able to squeeze every last inch out of my yard of printed fabric. For a mere $27, I yielded enough to make these 3 large decorative pillows (which I backed with plain black canvas) as well as SEVEN makeup bags and coin purses, all double sided with photos.

I'm thrilled with how they turned out! I can't wait to use Spoonflower's printing service again, although next time I'll order at least two months in advance to accommodate Spoonflower's turnaround time (I know, two months, but what can I say? They're popular for a reason!)

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RaincoatGirl said...

What a unique way of preserving memories!Loved it.
Linen typically has a thick and thin character with a crisp and textured feel to it. It is a very durable, strong fabric and is resistant to damage from abrasion. The apt fabric for preserving those precious moments.