Friday, June 10, 2011


About a week after his first birthday, Rhys recieved this aweome Melissa & Doug farm animals puzzle as a gift. This video was taken the night after he got the puzzle:

Rhys has been mimicing words pretty well for several months now, but even I was pretty impressed with his Moo-ing.

Fast forward to last Sunday night, two and a half weeks after we'd been given the puzzle. While walking to a restaurant, the puzzle nowhere in sight (obvioulsy), my mom asks Rhys "What does a sheep say?" and he says "Baa!". I ask what a cow says and he gets that too, "Moo!".

So, a) He knows "baa" and "moo", b) he understands "sheep" and "cow", c) I really need to stop swearing in front of him and d) does anyone have a phone number for Mensa?

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