Thursday, June 9, 2011

Fascinating Stuff

The Royal Wedding (yes, capitalized) got me thinking about how neat fascinators and hats can look when you're dressing up. I've got two weddings coming up this summer, but since I'm a bridesmaid in both I can't exactly get away with a creative headpiece. My sister in law (she of the bridesmaids' jewelry below) is actually getting married TWICE, however (it is something of a family tradition, I guess) and so I decided I'd like to wear a fascinator to her church wedding, in which I'm without bridesmaidly duties.

I bought a black floral and feather fascinator with a cage veil at a bridal shop and, while I love it, I decided it is a bit . . . much. It looks a little costume-y and I feel very conspicuious in it . . . and if there is one place one shouldn't be conspicious it is at someone else's wedding. Ahem.

So, last night after the Meyers went to sleep, I thought I'd see if I might be able to whip up something more appropriate. I've experimented with making feather barettes and distressed flowers in the past, and I have a huge stash of vintage buttons, lots with rhinestones. I pulled out the above along with a candle, some hot glue and felt and started playing around. Within about 45 mintues I had this!:
I just love it! It is smaller and more subltle, but filled with cool details like vintage rhinestones, peacock plumes and three shades of black and metallic satin in the flowers. I can't wait to wear it on Friday!

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