Tuesday, June 21, 2011

DSLR Dreaming

I have decided, rather spontaneously, as I tend to do, that I absolutely must have a DSLR pronto. As in, YESTERDAY.

I always knew I'd reach this point someday. The urgency stems from the fact that I feel I'm not getting the kinds of shots I want of Rhys lately. Sure, I have some amazing photos of him outside, sitting relatively still in full sun. But there are other potentially killer shots, indoors or when he's moving around a lot, that I miss entirely. My father in law was over with his (admittedly, $1k) camera (with a $1k lens) and I took a few shots of Rhys playing. Guys? I got some AMAZING ones. With a perfectly blurred background and Rhys gorgeously in focus . . . and this was as he whipped his head around while sitting inside, out of the sun.

So, yeah, it is DSLR time.

I'm going to be learning on this camera so I'm looking into getting the Canon Rebel T3. I honestly don't want a bunch of fancy features to bog me down. It is my feeling that something basic to learn on will suit my purposes best. I can invest in lenses as I go and then, at some point when I feel ready, I'll upgrade my camera body (and still be able to use all of my Canon lenses).

As for lenses, the kit lens is a decent basic, but I'll probably also be investing in a Canon EF 50mm f1.8 lens, since it comes highly recommended by everyone I've asked and the internet at large, and because it is a steal at around $120.

Remember how I've got those two Etsy shops? I'm going to need a macro at some point. Maybe not right away . . . I'll try taking Etsy photos with the kit lens and the 50mm 1.8 lens, but if I'm not satisfied with those, I intend to buy this here macro lens. Or maybe a set of macro filters?

I'm going to add a shutter remote, preferably wireless, and a nice padded bag to my initial package as well.

Do you have a DSLR? Which one? What do you think of my choices above? I feel like ever since I decided this must be done, I've been wading around in technical info that I don't really understand, so I'd love some informed input!


Camels & Chocolate said...

Both of our DSLRs are the Canon T series and we looooove them. They're also a steal in terms of price. If you have the cash, I'd forgo the factory lens and get something universal like a 17-85mm lens. That's my go-to (think it retails around $400 or $500 these days), and then you can build up your repertoire of lenses from there. We just bought the 24-105mm and are obsessed but it's a pretty pricey one (maybe down the road!).

Nutsy Coco said...

I started out with an EOS Rebel when DSLRs first became reasonably priced which I loved and then my dad so generously gave me his 30D when he upgraded. I can't think of what my exact lenses are at the moment but I have an awesome one that's great for macro with filters without going the expensive macro lense route. I do have a macro lens now too (again, thanks to my dad's generosity when he upgraded!) which is awesome but not something I use all the time. Good luck deciding!

HollyLynne said...

Thanks for the tips, girls! I'm glad to hear you both use Canons. We did buy one yesterday . . . the Canon T3 w/ an additional 50 1.8 lens (for portraits . . . because it is highly rated, inexpensive and my main focus is going to be taking photos of Rhys to start). We plan to add a Sigma 10-20 (ultra wide angle) before our trip to the UK this fall and then a Sigma macro around Christmas. I can't wait to play with our new toys!