Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Good Mom / Bad Mom

Good Mom: I send Rhys to daycare every day with three home cooked meals.

Bad Mom: In the car on the long drive home, I keep him placated by passing him baby puffs which, let's be honest, are essentially cheese doodles.


Good Mom: I avoid keeping the TV on while Rhys is in the living room playing.

Bad Mom: I let him watch YouTube videos of Yo Gabba Gabba on my iPhone while I change his diaper, because it is the only way I can keep him from crawling away naked (and sometimes poopy).


Good Mom: I've outfitted Rhys' library with over 200 books.

Bad Mom: There are many days when we're too busy to read any of them.


Good Mom: I hand wash 4 sippy cups, 4 bowls with lids, a set of breast pump parts and several breastpump collection bottles and lids every night.

Bad Mom: I feel badly that I'm not playing with Rhys during the 15 minutes it takes me to do so.


Good Mom: Rhys is 100% breast-fed.

Bad Mom: I feel guilty not filling his sippy cups to the top when I've had a low pump volume day.


Good Mom: I have visited Rhys at daycare on my lunch (half) hour every workday since I returned to work.

Bad Mom: Sometimes I get hand-wringy about going because I'm afraid he'll cry when I leave.


Good Mom: I make the majority of Rhys' food from scratch.

Bad Mom: I don't always use organic produce.


Good Mom: Rhys sleeps in our bed every night.

Bad Mom: Rhys sleeps in our bed every night.


Jane said...

So nice to see an update. I read a great quote in Real Simple. Can't remember who said it but, it said: "There is no way to be a perfect mom, and a million ways to be a great mom."

Sarah Von said...

I'm pretty sure that Good Mom moments are winning out here ;)

TamaliMama said...

Baby sleeping in your bed every night is a GOOD thing for everyone... just so you know they won't be there forever! Our 3.5 yr old and our 18 month old now both sleep on their own! Even though some nights it seemed they would be there until they are 16!

He's grown up so much... so cute!