Wednesday, November 10, 2010

*sheepishly updates blog*

I spent August savoring every second of my remaining maternity leave then most of September and October pumping, so I've had basically nil time for blogging but I'VE MISSED IT. So I'm sneaking back to say "Hi!" and "I've missed you guys!" and "I'm going to try my hardest to keep this old blog updated (or, as updated as my new 9pm bedtime will allow.)"

As 2010 is racing towards the finish line, I took a look at my neglected 2010 list and realized I've actually gotten quite a few major bits checked off:

We visited The Monterey Bay Aquarium towards the end of August (he liked the real penguins, but not the fake ones!):

I took Rhys to the Getty Center in mid August:

We took Rhys to the Griffith Observatory TWICE! Once on the last day of my maternity leave:

. . . and once just this past weekend!:

We found Rhys the perfect Halloween costume. Three times. He was a dragon, as I anticipated:

Then he was a giraffe, like his beloved Sophie:

And finally, he was everyone's favorite Dark Lord of the Sith, Darth Vader, complete with helmet and light saber teether:

I've also, miraculously, lost the baby weight. All 48lbs of it. And I'll fully admit to eating cheesecake and entire boxes of crackers whilst not working out. If I'd known how many calories breastfeeding burns I'd have taken it up years ago, just as a hobby.

And about that breastfeeding . . . I'm sort of obsessed with it. Rhys and I had a rough start and in an effort to pinpoint exactly why we had the difficulties we did, I did a lot of reading. I found myself getting excited about the things I was learning, the same way I'd been excited about learning in college. It was exhilarating, so I went with it . . . and now I'm about 3/4 of the way through a Lactation Educator/Counselor program via UCSD online. I would love for this to be a career move. I can't say for sure that it will be, and I'm ok with that. At the very least I'm hoping I'll be able to help out my girlfriends and sisters in law as they become mothers.

I have managed to keep Rhys exclusively breastfed after my return to work . . . I've pumped my ass off, you guys. I work really hard at it, and I'm proud of us for sticking to our guns.

Rhys has started eating solids. Or, let me rephrase: he has started "eating" "solids". I make him little bits of apple, sweet potato, squash, pear, sometimes cereal, all mixed with lots of breastmilk. He plays with the spoon, grabs for the bowl, and all in all manages to swallow maybe a thimble full of food at each dinnertime feeding.

It is ridiculous and adorable:

Rhys sits. It started about three weeks ago with him sitting like someone who'd had lots of tequila. Then yesterday, like magic, he started sitting with better posture than I have. Sitting for 30 minutes at a time and playing on his own. Like a big boy, all of the sudden!

You guys, he rules.