Wednesday, July 14, 2010

10 1/2 Week Update

I'm feeling REALLY thankful for my remaining 7 weeks of maternity leave right about now. Rhys has just become SO FREAKING AMAZING. Not that he hasn't been amazing ever since he was a Bean, but it started with SMILING around 4 1/2 weeks and has progressed, I shit you not, DAILY. We reach! We grab! We've developed a keen interest in toys and I can barely buy new ones fast enough. We read books now (HOORAY!) and we play airplanes and baby rollies and have half hour long conversations that consist mainly of the words "ooooohhhhhhhhh" and "guh".

I laid him down on Saturday with a rattle placed to his side where he could see it for jollies . . . I looked up 10 seconds later and, guys? He was WAVING that rattle around over his head. I just about keeled over with joy.

Rhys loves to stand and can bear all of his weight on his legs, with me holding him only for balance. He can dig his heels in and scoot while on his back or his tummy . . . which freaks me out a little because I think it means he'll be crawling sooner rather than later and OMG NEED TO BABYPROOF EVERYTHING! He wants to rollover something fierce and manages it halfway, just doesn't know what to do with that pesky bottom arm when he gets to his side. He is desperate to suck his thumb and works on his aim every night . . . sometimes he gets it!

He loves to sit on my lap, up like a big boy which is, actually, what he is doing right now :)

He loves his play gym for kickypants time . . . but we just Monday built his bouncer and that has eclipsed pretty much all other toys in his estimation! His feet don't touch the ground yet so we put a pillow underneath so he can "jump". The spinning toys are his favorites.

As for myself, I always wanted to be a mom and I knew I'd enjoy it . . . but I've taken to it on levels I never imagined possible. I have never been so happy, never been so fulfilled. I adore my new life . . . and it is, entirely, a new life. Absolutely nothing is the same. Parents used to say that to me when I was pregnant and I kind of blew it off, but it is so amazingly true. I'm not saying it to be coy or exclusive but with JOY and EXCITEMENT for anyone who gets to have this incredible experience.

I've become the kind of person who has strong opinions on the relative merits of diaper brands, which makes me kind of boring as far as the circles I used to travel in goes. I've had to find a few new circles . . . new friends who also care deeply about diapers! I don't value my old friendships any less, but new friends are somehow not something I was expecting out of becoming a mom. They're an awesome bonus!

I can't say my body has changed for the better, but I'm stunned and amazed by the job it has done and the job it is continuing to do. I have a new respect for it. Breastfeeding has been such an incredibly rewarding experience. I can't say it started off easily, but I'm so glad we persisted . . . there is just so much joy in it. It's something only I can do for Rhys and something we can share in, just the two of us.

We've been taking lots of video and Paul has edited a bunch of it together here. Please go visit and ooh and ahh over my baby's cuteness and my husband's mad video editing skills :)

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Amy said...

Throughout my entire pregnancy, I don't think there is anyone who has made me MORE excited (besides my husband, of course) to become a mom than you. Your positive outlook and sheer joy in motherhood has me simply ECSTATIC about becoming a member of "the club" in 10 weeks - thank you for that!

I couldn't be happier for you that life is so amazing with Rhys in it. You are both very lucky to have one another. The fact that he's mind-blowingly cute? BONUS! :o)