Sunday, July 25, 2010

Baby Gets Around

Somebody turns three months old in 5 days. STFU, right?! I can't believe how quickly the time is flying. I always thought parents were just being melodramatic when they'd bemoan how quickly their kids grew . . . but NO! I was wrong! Time is actually moving faster. There is some weird physics loophole, no doubt.

I'm trying not to get too hung up thinking about my maternity leave coming to an end. I have a little over a month left . . . four months total. I know on the scale of what women in the US are typically able to do four months is fantastic. Worldwide, not so much though. I'd love to at least have six . . . even if only for breastfeeding purposes. For the six months I'm "supposed" to be exclusively breastfeeding, per the AAP's recommendation, I think it makes sense for me to be home to exclusively breastfeed. I am going to be pumping and still breastfeeding, hopefully until Rhys is a year old. Milk supply is a tough thing to maintain, though . . . at least it has been for me. And I'm worried. Of course, I want to stay home just to be with my baby, but I'd be lying if I said the milk thing doesn't have me concerned as well.

I went and visited Rhys' intended daycare the other day . . . we spent about an hour playing, talking, just hanging out. It is such a happy, fun place . . . I have an incredibly good feeling about it. I want Rhys to play with other kids, to grow up surrounded by and learning from people other than me alone. I love that we've been able to find such a warm, nurturing environment for him . . . and I especially love that he'll be less than a mile from my office. I plan to go feed him on my lunch hours, at least for the first few months. Knowing that we'll be separated for four hours at a time rather than eight or nine helps.

And! I'm going to have to change the subject . . . I'm typing this while watching Rhys nap on the video monitor and SOMEBODY would be mighty confused to wake up to a crying mommy :)

We had ourselves a little family road trip this weekend! We drove down to San Diego to hang out in the park, visit a few of my husband's old haunts and have dinner with the lovely and talented Jennie of She Likes Purple and StyleLush fame. It was my first ever blog meet up and I'm thrilled to report that I had a total blast. Jennie is just so freaking awesome . . . I could've sat and talked all night!

I think Rhys was having himself a good time as well . . . during our dinner he broke out with his very first LAUGH! He laughed a few more times back at the hotel . . . then a few more last night. They aren't full on belly laughs yet, but he's chuckling. Starter giggles! This is one milestone I've been dying to watch him reach! He's also been very grabby with the grabbing lately, and his aim is improving. He often rips my glasses right off my face and he's started playing, ACTUALLY PLAYING, with his rattles and rings. He's developed a soft spot for Dr. Seuss and I've been reading him a few books a day. The first time we read he just watched me, but now he loves looking at the pages and illustrations and even reaches for them or holds on to a corner of the book while we read.

He is just so much fun, guys. I love him like you wouldn't believe.

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Jane said...

Love these happy updates! I wish better maternity leave would have been a part of health care reform. Long term it really would help the over all health of the country. Sigh.