Sunday, May 23, 2010

Stuff We Actually Use

1) DwellStudio for Target 3pk Flannel Receiving Blankets Because these are thin and large enough to get a good swaddle on while still being a bit on the cozy side. Also: freaking adorable and cheap enough to buy in bulk.

2) Aden + Anais Superstar Blankets Because they are PERFECT as nursing drapes and the star design is totally cute but not cutesy.

3) Trumpette Argyle Socks Because they actually stay put on tiny feet.

4) DaVinci Futura Cradle Because we can use it in our bedroom at night then wheel it out to the living room during the day and it looks like ACTUAL FURNITURE rather than plastic baby crap. Handy for people like us who are house proud to a fault . . . we REALLY didn't want our place to look like Babies R Us barfed all over it when people were over to meet the baby!

5) Gerber Flatfold Cloth Diapers Because fabric that you are actually MEANT TO GET POOP ON is a pretty darn cool concept. I've used these as changing pads, changing table liners, burp rags, sun shades . . . I wouldn't leave home without one!

6) Bravado Nursing Bras for which I was actually professionally fitted. Because they may have cost $50 each and I may have swooned when told my size but once I started wearing them I was FINALLY comfortable.

7) Pampers Sensitive Because sizes 1 & 2 have the wetness indicator stripe, which spares me from having to come up with "other ways" to determine whether my baby's diaper is wet.

8) Moby Wrap Because, so far, this is the only carrier I feel safe putting the baby in and because he kinda likes it too. We've managed to go out to dinner with Rhys happily napping in the Moby the whole time.

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TamaliMama said...

I also love my moby...check out the Ergo when he gets bigger! My 2.5yr old still fits in it!