Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Snortle and I left the house today! By ourselves!! In a car!!!

Paul went back to work on Monday, which was a pretty sad day in my world, understandably. Snortle and I kicked things off with spitup of epic proportions. Let me tell you nothing, and I mean NOTHING, is so discouraging as a) watching your poor baby barf and b) watching your poor baby barf THE MILK YOU'VE BEEN STRESSING OVER MAKING FOR HIM. Later on Monday we tried to go out for a walk, only to discover it was raining. Lots of Fail, Monday, basically.

Tuesday was almost a wash due to Snortle's 4am par-tay.

So today, I planned on getting out to the Pump Station for a breastfeeding support group meeting but I didn't hold out THAT much hope that we'd make it. Snortle kicked things off by peeing on me, which was festive. I spent the next two hours trying to get us both ready while he demanded to be fed and changed and refused to nap, like, AT ALL even long enough for me to shower, OMG. Finally, 15 minutes later than I had any business leaving, he passed out and I took my opportunity. We were late, but we made it to that meeting, damnit, and it was AWESOME to get out of the house.

Of course, Rhys needed to be fed the second we arrived at the meeting, but by then we were already comfortably settled in the easiest place in the world to breastfeed in public for the first time.

The meeting was great . . . I got to ask all of my questions and it was just nice to be in a room with a ton of other new moms and babies. After, I took Snortle to be weighed. 10lbs 10oz, so he has officially "established weight gain"! I've been counting diapers of course and he has plenty, but seeing the numbers on the scale went a LONG way towards my breastfeeding confidence. We still usually supplement with one 2oz bottle a day, but sometimes we can skip even that and he certainly didn't gain 14oz in 9 days on those few supplemental ounces alone. HOORAY!!!

I also got measured properly for a nursing bra and, well . . . let's just say I'd been wearing the wrong size. By a lot. And I can't buy nursing bras at Target anymore because they don't sell them that big there. *dies*

Parenting so far has been a series of curveballs, and I do think that's going to be the state of affairs for quite some time. But we're getting more adept at taking the challenges in stride and I can safely say things are good. REALLY, really good.


Krameymartin said...

HE IS SO PRECIOUS! Loving you guys from afar!

Nutsy Coco said...

Congrats on your first trip out with Bean alone! I'm sure you'll feel like a pro in no time!

Jennifer said...

I just want to snuggle him! Do I still get to meet you/him in July?

HE'S PERFECT. (As his mama.)

Jane said...

Thanks for always posting such honest accounts of pregnancy and motherhood. This is the kind of stuff that is helpful. Glad everything is so good!

Paige said...

The PumpStation BF support groups are the BEST! I went every Tuesday during my entire maternity leave. It was so great just to be able to get out and socialize with other new moms, especially when you are feeling trepadacious about taking your little one anywhere in the first weeks. Plus, I had the most miserable start to breastfeeding ever - I spent the entire month postpartum in excruciating pain as my boy tore my nipples apart. But I kept going (thanks partially to the PS and partially to sheer stubborness), and now 8 months later I'm still nursing and have become a breastmilk donor.

You should check out the Mommy & Me movies at the Grove - they are every Monday at 11am. That was my greatest indulgence while I was on maternity leave. Lots of moms from the PS groups go too, so it's fun to socialize. SO much fun.

Glad to hear everything is going well. Love "Snortle" by the way - my little guy is known as The RooRoo.

Domesticrazy said...