Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Salt Caramels

Making salt caramels was an item on the good ol' 2010 list. Since salted candy was a BIG pregnancy craving of mine and since I'm STILL PREGNANT I figured 40+weeks-ish was as good a time as any to whip up a batch. I found this recipe online and figured it looked simple enough to fit my needs. I decided to go with sea salt rather than driving around town looking for Fleur de Sel because, HELLO, HAVE YOU SEEN THE SIZE OF ME LATELY?

I made an attempt on Tuesday night but was rather ill prepared. I thought I had parchment paper on hand but it turns out I really had waxed paper. Not. The. Same. I also knew I had a candy thermometer but didn't realize it only went up to 220 degrees whereas the recipe CLEARLY states to cook the caramel up to 248 degrees. I figured since the thermometer was a dial style that it'd skip past 200 and I'd be able to at least estimate 248 but no such luck. The pointer actually stopped at 220 and wouldn't budge from there. All of which left me with a pan of totally delicious stuff that was too sticky to cut and stuck crazy glue style to waxed paper. Fail.

I made a Gelsons run for a better candy thermometer and a roll of parchment and tried this shiz again last night. My caramel cooked to 248 degrees, I let it cool in an oiled, parchment lined pan and stuck it in the fridge for 10 minutes to prepare it for cutting. Everything seemed in order, until I cut into my beautiful, salted caramel block and popped off a chunk of caramel SO hard and jagged it flung itself across the kitchen and CUT INTO MY HUSBAND'S TOE. His shock when he yelped "THAT HURT MY TOE!" was so freaking hysterical I peed my pants. NO, REALLY. I'm 40+ weeks pregnant. We do that.

We let the caramel sit out on the counter to warm back up to room temperature (while I changed my pants, of course) and tried cutting it again about an hour later. I can't say the pieces are uniform or pretty or even nicely wrapped, but they'll do and they taste AMAZING. I'm going to go ahead and pronounce this a Win.


Nutsy Coco said...

Way to be productive despite being mego prego! Bean can't stay in there forever!

Erica said...

Oh my gawd! I've totally been craving salted caramels this ENTIRE pregnancy.

To be fair, I pretty much crave them every single day of my life.

Amy said...

Hahaa! Oh man, I can't *wait* until I get to the point in this pregnancy that I pee my pants! (That's SARCASM, in case anyone thinks I have a pee fetish of something.)

I am definitely making these myself, now that I've ready this post and can glean some tips from your hard efforts. I'll make sure my husband's toes aren't anywhere within the area, though.

Now, BEAN! You listen to me - the person you will never meet: It's time to come out and, tonight! Ok, cutie pie?? ;o)

ReFabulous said...

UGH... I've been there -- the 40+ weeks thing. Twice. Not. fun.

I know these days are super-long, but they WILL pass... hang in there! Way to make the best of waiting -- YUM. I must make the caramels now.

Sarah said...

You're amazing. 40+ weeks pregnant and making homemade candies? Hi, can you please be my mom? Hope Bean decides to come out soon!!