Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Multi Functional!

I had the sewing bug bad for a while . . . then it waned . . .but it is back again! So over the weekend I decided to get an item crossed off my 2010 list.

I wanted to make a "Diaper Clutch" I'd dreamed up. I wanted it to be cute, something I'd want to carry as a purse and not something baby themed.

I wanted it to be big enough to function either as a) a bag for my big old wallet, cell phone, keys, and purse type things which I could toss into a diaper bag ORRRRRR b) a bag big enough for a changing pad, a few diapers and wipes and a toy which I could toss into a purse. Like how I did that?

I also wanted the strap to be fancy and modular: functional as a shoulder strap, a wristlet or a loop to be hooked to the strap of a purse or through belt loops.

I used a 12 inch zipper (most wristlets I make with 9 inch zippers, which just isn't quite enough space for my enormous wallet or for a changing pad) and adorable plaid fabric I bought months ago at F&S for this very purpose. The lining is the last of a postcard/stamp themed print I've been hoarding for ages and the ribbons and lace are all from my stash. I'm pretty pleased with how it came out . . . and with how quickly the project came together! About an hour start to finish.

If this little bag proves as useful as I think it will, I can see myself making quite a few more!


Meaghan said...

This is awesome and very multi functional! Way to go!

Jane said...

Very cool! Does sewing count as "nesting?"

Domesticrazy said...

Very cute! A fair warning, however: you will need to bring extra clothes for Bean, and maybe even a shirt for yourself sometimes. Baby poops can be explosive. Not kidding! I had to change my shirt just today, and I'm a pro.

dancingkitchen said...

SO impressive! i need to just learn how to sew a button on! :)

Kathy said...

I love reading your blog and seeing the things you make! I love it so much that I included you in my Happy 101 meme on my blog :) If you want to take part come visit cos you are tagged :)