Friday, April 2, 2010


The version didn't work.

I'm going to wait to go into labor and he'll probably be born via csection at that point.

I'm upset. I've been reading things telling me that my body isn't dysfunctional for 9 months now and GUESS WHAT?! My body is dysfunctional. My chiropractor has seen similar issues in dancers and gymnasts and thinks that my issue has to do with the fact that I was a figure skater all through my teens. My hip flexors are especially tight and they're pulling on and constraining the tendons that hold the uterus, meaning less space for the Bean. My OB thinks that my core muscles are too tight and they're constraining and narrowing my uterus, restricting Bean's ability to turn.

Either way I'd feel infinitely better about this BS if I'd had a six pack before I got pregnant.

(I didn't.)

The good: Bean is 100% healthy and barely flinched when two grown men pushed SO HARD trying to turn him that their arms were shaking. I held up pretty well during the procedure and feel sufficiently bad-ass-ish for having dealt with the pain and not asked the doctors to stop. I also survived my first IV with barely a mark to show for it.

I really, really, really don't want to do this csection business . . . but I think now that I can.

Annnndd . . . I pretty much don't want to talk about it anymore. I'm done. I've done everything I can and now we'll just wait and see and deal when it happens.

I finished a little project for the Bean on Wednesday night . . . something I really wanted to have up in his room for when he comes home. When Boy and I got married I embroidered pillows for us that say "Himself" and "Herself" and we've been using them on our bed ever since. I kind of love that Bean has his own little pillow now too.


Diane said...

You brought tears to my eyes once again. Love you. (And love the Beanself pillow). Mom.

Nutsy Coco said...

I'm sorry to hear that it didn't work but I'm happy to hear that you didn't suddenly have to have Bean. Just think, soon enough you'll have Bean and you focus on how awesome that will be!

Jane said...

The pillow is awesome! Hugs to you!


Sorry that it didn't work - I've been thinking about you a LOT since I got back from vacation and have found out what you're going through. Just remember what you've been saying to me your entire doesn't so much matter how he makes it out as long as he's healthy once it happens.

ReFabulous said...

I have to agree with the pp... your and Bean's health are all that matter. I'm sorry to hear that the version didn't work, but so glad you two are OK.

I've had 3 c-sections, and they're not all that bad.

One grain of hope.... My Monkey 6 was transverse the entire pregnancy, and then breech for the last month. He decided to turn and drop THE NIGHT BEFORE my c-section. I went on to deliver vag the next day. It can happen.

Hang in there! He'll be in your arms before you know it. :)