Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Turn over, little man!

Something had to go awry eventually. I've had seriously the most normal, easiest pregnancy ever and things were just too damn lucky.

Bean is breech.

I'm 35 weeks. I'm not engaged/dropped at all which is good . . . nor am I dilated or even effaced by much (HI! LETS TALK ABOUT MY CERVIX!). He's got time to turn . . . this could really be so much worse.

Last night I spent a lot of time in various upside-down-like positions which was . . . unusual. I freaked my poor husband right out by asking him to spot me in a shoulder stand ("BUT YOU ARE EIGHT MONTHS PREGNANT!"). I also annoyed the shit out of poor Bean by trying to herd him downwards with the aid of a flashlight.

I've got an appointment with a homeopath and chiropractor tomorrow to try a few turning techniques. One, the Webster Technique, sounds pretty reasonable and promising. The other involves burning sticks of herbs next to my pinkie toes. Keeping all avenues open, here.

If all of that fails (and really, I don't see how the pinkie toe thing could fail, right?!) I'll have to go to the hospital for an external version attempt during the first week in April. And either that goes well . . . or it goes poorly and I end up having an emergency c-section on the spot. No pressure there or anything.

I'm frustrated.

Up until yesterday I've really been looking forward to labor and the birth. I felt prepared . . . like I'd studied and read and learned all I could and like I could handle the pain and have a positive experience.

A c-section isn't something I feel "prepared" for. Not being able to hold my baby for hours after the delivery? NOT PREPARED. Several weeks of excruciating recovery? NOT PREPARED. Having to wait eons before I'm capable of resuming normal-ish household activities and the prospect of having to ask for SO much help? Kind of freaking me out, to be honest.

And to do all that WORK to prepare then not ever even be in real labor? Well, that'd just suck.

I'm trying to be positive and trust that he'll turn. He's an active little dude . . . constantly kicking and rolling and bouncing around in there. There's a distinct possibility that he just HAPPENED to be head up when the ultrasound was done and that he's flipped around a few times since then. Have I felt him flipping? I've felt lots of activity . . . but I just plain don't know anymore. I've spent the last two weeks thinking he was FOR SURE head down. My doctor felt him and agreed at my last appointment! I've might have been mistaking head-butts for kicks all along. I don't trust myself anymore.

Not only do I doubt what I'm feeling . . . I feel like I've done something WRONG. I know, it isn't rational, but consider that this is coming from someone who is going to have herbs burned near her toes tomorrow.

Any positive turning related thoughts you could send Bean's way would be much appreciated!


Christina said...

Ugh, I totally understand why you're frustrated. My sister went through the exact same thing with my niece... the good news is that her midwife referred her to a chiropractor, and after just two quick and easy adjustments, the baby was head-down and ready to rock and roll! I will cross my fingers that a few good nudges will get the Bean right where he needs to be!

Meaghan said...

Sending happy, Bean-turning thoughts your way! Good luck!!!

Jennifer said...

Kyle was all over the place, too. One appointment up, most of them down. He was a mover, which did not stop once he was out, let me tell you.

I know this isn't ideal and you deserve to have the birth of your choice, but it'll all be OK regardless.

leenie said...

i'm a longtime lurker who works in the perinatal field.

i've had lots and LOTS of clients (like hundreds!) have great great success with webster, as well as pinkie toe situation! you are totally doing the right things, and it's not at ALL too late for him to turn. sending lots and lots of spinny thoughts bean's way. lots of luck!

HollyLynne said...

Thanks guys! And welcome, lennie! :) It is good to hear that Webster and the moxi sticks can help . . . I'm keeping my fingers crossed!

Nutsy Coco said...

Sending lots of positive thoughts! Try not to worry too much and don't beat things up if things don't go according to plan. That's parenthood, right? :)

Jane said...

OK, Google this one because I am no doctor. But, my girlfriend had this same situation and somewhere she read that doing a handstand in a swimming pool would work. She went to her parent's pool (in Nov. in NJ-BRR! Because that's how freaked out she was) did the handstand, felt the baby turn and got out of the pool. No joke!

Good luck! I liked Nutsy's comment too!

BethanyWD said...

UGH. I know this is not what you wanted. AT ALL. AT ALL!

With my second baby I was SO VERY excited that her delivery would be SO VERY easy compared to my son (which wasn't hard at all). Big, bang, boom - I'd deliver in a few hours and be home by the next morning.

Until I went to the hospital to be induced at 40w, 1d and she was breech! She literally turned between Tuesday and Friday. We thought about turning her and after an ultrasound showed her weigh as around 10.5 pounds with reduced amniotic fluid; we made the easy decision for the c-section (and no attempt at turning.

With all that said, my recovery - compared to my first - was a breeze. I got to hold her right away (my husband did hold her while the surgery ended) and she never left my sight. I was breastfeeding within 10 minutes of the end of surgery. (Both of those were concerns of mine). I got up as soon as I could (I wanted to eat regular food!); and the actual surgery recovery was not a big deal. I used the 6 week no lifting rule as more of an excuse for other people to help me! I didn't drive for the first 2 weeks, but after that, I was good to go. No problems lifting my 9.5 pound daughter.

Now, everyone's experience are different, and I would definitely expect that if someone labors for DAYS and then has a c-section, that their recover would be much worse than mine.

For you, I would perhaps figure out what the hospital's "normals" are for after c-sections (just in case). That way, you can be prepared to stand up for yourself (and your baby). Just because it's their policy to "take the baby to another room for a bath", you are the parent - DO NOT LET THEM. (Husbands are good for being the tough guy.) I think by just preparing for your "worst case scenario" can make the difference in how you feel about it.

And, so, I'll end with this:


missa said...

Dear Holly,

I stumbled upon your blog a couple of weeks ago when looking for belly pictures on flickr. The exact search was "28w6d", I think, and since then I have been enjoying reading it and getting a glimpse into the life of a fellow creative third-trimesterer...

I am currently on week 32 and my baby was also breech until this Sunday. I too read Ina May's Guide to Natural Childbirth, months ago, and was so unprepared for the possibility of having to face a c-section. I tried some of the techniques suggested online, like crawling on all fours, lying upside down, but they only made me lightheaded and that instinctively did not feel right to me.

My plan was to ask my acupuncturist, who I have been seeing monthly since the beginning of my pregnancy, to do his magic using moxi, needles, anything he found fit. He had already told me that turning breech babies was not at all an uncommon practice for him so I knew this was not a desperate situation. Just to be on the safe side I went for a sonogram a day before my appointment with him and found out that my baby turned on her own earlier that day.

I know this is no great consolation for you but I want to let you know that I truly believe that the Webster technique and the moxi WILL work. I also think that Ina May paints a certain picture that is not a hundred perfect accurate. I have friends who gave birth by c-section, had read no natural childbirth advocating literature, and have nothing but good things to tell about their experiences. I would prefer a natural childbirth myself, but I think Ina May goes a little overboard in making c-sections seem worse than they really are.

My pregnancy has not been much fun, with bad nausea throughout the first trimester, followed by pregnancy induced asthma plus hospitalization and then some. I really got to experience very little of that second trimester bliss everybody keeps talking about... Your blog and flickr pages reminded me that there could also be some fun involved (and such photogenic fun at it!). Thanks for the inspiration and good luck with turning the baby. All the best in vibes and wishes.


Brenda said...

after having 2 and everything going as planned. #3 dedided he needed to be posterior and wouldn't turn for the life of him. But everything turned out just fine. he weighed 9# 8 oz. Then #4 decided to be breech. She was about the same size as #3 so the dr. let me deliver her that way. She is lovingly called butthead to this day. ya she weighed 9# 8 1/2oz.Then after it was all done the next day the dr says to me. we could have delivered her c-section if you wanted. but no. I was fine. And I had 3 kids at home to take care of. So.... sending good thoughts to you and Bean.... turn... turn...

Domesticrazy said...

Remember Mama-B was breech when I got to the hospital, 15 minutes later turned, and until she actually came out they weren't sure that the C-section wouldn't happen. Prepare yourself for either way, and to have your labor induced if the little guy gets his head in the right place.

The goal is a healthy baby. You are going to rock this Momma thing!

I completely hear you on how you feel, though. Turn, baby, turn!

Big Hugs!