Monday, March 1, 2010

So! Busy!

Here's pretty much what I've contended with this last week or so:

20th: A Bat Mitzvah with errands and starting a sewing project sandwiched between the service and the party
21st: Hike with an old friend followed by lunch followed by skulking into our three hour childbirth class 20 minutes late
22nd: Worked ten hours straight, got yelled at by an abusive pedestrian on the way home, cried, worked for 3 hours on new items for the Etsy shop
23rd: Infant CPR class after work
24th: Friends over for dinner
25th: Out with family for dinner
26th: Errands on the way home from work (Target, Joann, full on grocery shopping)
27th: Insane cleaning of the bathrooms and rest of condo, baked cookies, made a few bits of jewelry, dinner with family friends
28th: TAXES! And what fun they were. All 4 hours it took us to do them. With a big fat bill at the end. Followed by 3 hours of childbirth class, dinner out with Boy's cousin, sewing a gift for a party on Friday, finishing off the shower favors (47 of them!) and making seven items for the shop

I'm looking forward to a somewhat calmer week this week . . . I can cross my fingers at least, right?

There are PLENTY of projects worth blogging about . . . the baby blocks I'm sewing for Bean, the embroidery project I'm starting for his room, some new jewelry pieces and collections I'm working on. Unfortunately though, everything has been in such a state of chaos lately that I don't really have anything finished to show off. So, in this space, just picture me furiously sewing and stringing beads between working, errands and spending time with friends and family and you've got a fairly accurate picture of my life at the moment.

Bean is doing really well. He's kicky and hiccupy and has developed this cute new habit of sticking one foot out then taking it back after I've acknowledged him by rubbing it. It is almost like he's checking to make sure I'm still here . . . the same way I poke around to make sure he's still where he belongs.

We're getting soooooo close to meeting our little bug. I'm 32 weeks now . . . technically due in 8 weeks but we all know how that goes. Due dates are really a 5 week range, so we'll see. He'll come out when he's good and ready! Part of me thinks he'll be ready early, since he spends most of his time trying to kick his way out anyhow.

Question for the mamas: What did you have around the house that was really helpful, or what did you wish you had, for those first few weeks? I've started stocking us up: newborn diapers, q-tips and alcohol for his cord, baby tylenol and single serving formula packets just in case, the biggest maxi pads I could find, healthy foods in the freezer (brown rice, veggie potstickers, frozen peas) and pantry (whole wheat cous cous, pastas, canned tomatoes). Obviously, never having done this before (!), I know I must be forgetting something basic . . . some little thing that would make those first few weeks at home a little easier. Any suggestions are welcome!


Kimberly said...

I found pre-moistened, individually wrapped alcohol wipes... they were SO much easier than q-tips and alcohol!

Also, if you are circumcising Bean, you will need Vaseline to put in his diaper -- I found the squeezable tube to again, be MUCH easier!

To go with your heavy duty maxi pads, buy some cheap undies you don't care about ruining. I snagged as many mesh undies as I could from the hospital -- they were so cozy and I felt fine dedicating them as disposable ;)

Happiest Baby on the Block! Swaddling saved my babies (and me)...

So exciting!!! :-)


Jennifer said...

You've got a great list started!

I also had some downloaded shows for when I was nursing middle of the night. The one thing we were short of was NB clothes since he was so much smaller than anyone thought he'd be. Those first few weeks we didn't have a bouncer and I went out and got one quickly.

And he only wanted one type of pacifier and we only had one like it, so we had to stock up on those.

Diane said...

My husband, your Dad - :-),who was so completely and utterly smitten with you he had trouble putting you down.

HollyLynne said...

Vasaline! Yes, I'd heard that one. Added to the list. Along w/ antibacterial hand soap and hand sanitizer.
Husband who loves babies is a check too :)

Domesticrazy said...

Mylicon! It's gas relief for babies, and it's a life-saver those first few weeks when burping is a tough new skill. Some birdseye diapers for spit-ups, and some easy snacks. If you're nursing(I think you are-not sure?) then you are going to be very hungry.

You are going to love being a Mom!

HollyLynne said...

Mylicon! That is exactly the kind of info I need. Something I didn't even know existed. Thanks!!!
Yes, I plan on nursing for sure. And I like snacks in general, so I'll be sure to stock up there :)

ReFabulous said...

Ditto ALL the above, plus since you're nursing, set up a couple of nursing "stations" wherever you plan to nurse -- bedside, arm chair, whatever. At each station, have a basket with wipes, a diaper or two (they ALWAYS poop when you nurse,) burp cloths, a onesie, a snack and drink (water bottles are good) for you.

I also kept a pencil and pad of paper in mine, so I could write down the time of last feeding, side finished nursing on, diaper change (pee/poop), etc.... this is especially helpful if you have a bit of a challenge nursing at first. You'll be too tired to try to remember! :)

Good breast pump if you don't have one yet. You don't want to wait until you NEED one to get one.

Swings are life-savers. So is the moby wrap.

So excited for you.... can't wait to see pics of Bean!