Tuesday, March 30, 2010

He's a stubborn little bug

The bad news is that the Bean is still breech. The good news is he shows absolutely no interest in dropping or otherwise getting ready to be born.

I'm starting to think he's just comfortable. He's got his spot and he likes it and he's not planning to move anytime soon.

Except that he'll have to because he's already pushing 7lbs.

So! To that end . . . I'm scheduled for a version attempt on Thursday. This is sort of what a version looks like. Except I'll have two doctors instead of one, Bean will be on a heart monitor the whole time, and I suspect the woman in that video was given pain meds which I won't be (per my doctor's and my own preference).

The version could be successful, in which case Bean will be turned and I'll go about my merry way for the next few weeks waiting to go into labor. It could be unsuccessful in which case I'll go about my way waiting to go into labor, but very UN-merrily since I'll know I'm almost certainly doomed to a csection. The version could work but break my water, in which case I'll have to deliver one way or another within 24 hours. Or it could NOT work and break my water, or the Bean's heart rate could get iffy, and in either of those cases I'd wind up with an emergency csection.

We'll have our hospital bags and the car seat in the car when we go in for the version, just in case. Which obviously blows my freaking mind.

If the Bean were to arrive on Thursday or Friday though? We'd be ready for him: his room is done, his clothes are washed, we have diapers, our freezer is stocked for nuclear war.

Craziness. Right?!


Meaghan said...

Oh my! Good luck and keep us updated!

Nutsy Coco said...

Best of luck!!

Jane said...

I know you do not want a C- and I will pray that you don't need that. However, I had a myomectomy which is a similar surgery with a similar (although babyless) recovery. Let me leave you with this thought -just in case-

My recovery from the surgery was amazing. It was a testament to what the human body can do. Each day I could measurably feel the healing. I certainly wouldn't have chosen surgery, but I looked at it like a science experiment- an adventure of sorts and I think that perspective made the whole experience better.

Best of luck! I can not wait to see Bean!

Krameymartin said...

You better have your husband tweet updates! I'm so excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jennifer said...

Thinking of you. Can't WAIT to meet Bean!


I just got back from vacay and so much has happened while I've been gone! I'm guessing you're off getting treatment as we speak so just thinking happy thoughts for you.

AmyB said...

I hope things go well and they are able to point little Bean in the right direction! GOOD LUCK!

AmyB said...

Whoops...just realized this already happened yesterday. So now I hope you are sitting happily, knowing Bean is all set and ready to go with a natural birth. What a crazy, exciting time for you!