Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Bean Blocks!

I saw these darling baby blocks via OhDeeDoh and knew I just HAD to make a set for the Bean. The original tutorial comes from Smile and Wave. After one quick glance at the instructions, anyone who had to take geometry in high school could easily pull off the assembly. 6 equal sized squares sewn into a cross shape then stitched up the sides to make a cube. I picked flannels in primary colors and three different black and white prints for Bean's blocks. I interfaced the black and white fabrics, since they were a little on the filmy side. I also added jingle bells inside the blocks (sewn into little pouches of flannel so they'd be un-swallow-able if Bean ever were to break into a block). I made these blocks with 3 inch squares and, since I plan to make 6 blocks (3 that jingle and 3 that don't) I think 3 inches is a nice, stackable size. If you were planning to make one or two or three though I'd go with the tutorial's original instructions and make them 6 inches high since I think the extra size would serve to cut down on the puffy, overstuffed look my smaller blocks have.

They're slightly wonky and imperfect . . . but I'm hoping the Bean will like playing with them anyways!

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Nutsy Coco said...

Cute! And I'm sure Bean won't mind any flaws :)