Tuesday, March 9, 2010

All Hail The Running Water

One shitty thing about being a homeowner is that there is nobody to ring up when something breaks. And usually when things break they're things you hadn't been counting on mucking with. Also: things that are EXPENSIVE to repair. For instance: $300 worth of dishwasher pump and oven starter, respectively.

So on Tuesday night when our kitchen sink sprayer BROKE OFF IN MY HAND OMG I was ticked, obviously, but also kind of pleased because FOR ONCE the thing that broke was something we'd been meaning to replace anyways. Up until Tuesday it was functional at least, but it was white, plastic, old, grubby, just generally not great. Boy and I had been talking about replacing it with a shiny chrome model since the day I moved in to the condo.

Of course, replacing things with a gun to one's head is never "fun". We are in the process of refinancing and had an appraisal set for yesterday afternoon so we obviously wanted a functional kitchen faucet in before that. And as much as I may have enjoyed insisting on takeout for four days running because I couldn't wash any dishes, living without a kitchen sink just wasn't going to fly for very long.

We found a gorgeous chrome faucet on Amazon which was inexplicably described as unable to ship to CA or VT (?!?!) but I decided to be a rebel and order it anyways. And it arrived!!! HA HA TAKE THAT MOEN/AMAZON. It is installed now and there is NOTHING YOU CAN DO TO GET IT BACK SO NEENER NEENER!

Shipping worry aside, we were thrilled with it once we had it in hand because it was ACTUAL METAL CHROME whereas a lot of the faucets we'd seen at home improvement stores were merely plastic painted to look like chrome. Win!

Boy planned on calling our plumber to install the faucet but I opened the box up and decided the instructions were really simple . . . so I talked him into doing it himself. He bought a basin wrench and started working Friday night while I was at a baby shower and, internet, I FULLY EXPECTED him to be totally done by the time I got home. Little did I know.

I got home at 9pm to this:

Poor Boy had been working on ONE STUPID BOLT since 7pm and it had barely budged. I left him to his wrenching while listening to NPR podcasts, figuring I'd be better off staying out of his hair since it wasn't like Bean and I could fit under the sink to help anyhow. Around 10pm he was ready to give up . . . but we realized that he'd loosened the bolt enough that we could fit my jeweler's saw in the gap between the faucet and the sink and, potentially, saw the bugger off.

Home improvement projects inevitably come to this. The use of the jeweler's saw.

So! We did manage to get the faucet off and thought we were home free until we realized that the ugly, mucky, 80's soap dispenser was all but CEMENTED to the sink. An hour's worth of work we managed to pry it off with screwdrivers and hammers. I shit you not.

It is 11:30 at this point and Boy and I are both feeling pretty giddy over the prospect of FINISHING this project, since the new faucet's install instructions were so basic. ALAS we had not counted on our water lines all being slightly different sizes than the faucet's hookups.

We made a run to OSH in the morning (Seriously? NEVER going to Home Depot again. Not only did we find someone willing to help us at OSH, we found someone WHO KNEW WHAT HE WAS TALKING ABOUT). It took about half an hour in the store, but we left with a bag full of metal thinggies and tubes and 45 minutes later, WE HAD RUNNING WATER OMG.

I'm pretty proud of the husband, gotta say.


Liz said...

It sounds like you have about as much fun with "home improvement" as I do...our projects usually start with 2-6 months of hubby convincing me it's something that needs to get done, him calling his dad, the acquisition of 2 or 3 new power tools, and 2 or 3 days of me cleaning afterward. Congratulations on the successful installation of the new sprayer!

Krameymartin said...

It looks so great! I love your house:).

Nutsy Coco said...

Isn't that ALWAYS the way things go?! Congrats on finally tackling it though. It looks like an awesome faucet.

OMG, how did you not know that OSH is the best??? I used to drive miles to a stupid freaking Home Depot that was always a nightmare and then discovered OSH which was close by, not a nightmare AND the people were helpful! And maybe one day you'll run into the House Crashers guy!! Since the Yard Crashers guy probably wouldn't be much use to you...

HollyLynne said...

Thanks guys! Nutsy, we did know that OSH was better . . . and it is closer to our place too! Just every time we go in there I'm reminded again of why we should NEVER go to Home Depot at all :) Our OSH is a much smaller store ... probably 1/4 the size of our Home Depot. Yet they manage to have everything we need when HD NEVER does. They're the best!

dancingkitchen said...

omg it was worth it! i LOVE the new sink thingy! so pretty.