Friday, February 19, 2010

The Size of Things

Lets kick this off with a bang: I've gained 31 pounds in my pregnancy thus far.

I'm totally OK with that number. And with the fact that I'll gain even more before the Bean is ready to come out. I actually REALLY like my pregnant body. I've never been a huge fan of my stomach and now, suddenly, I LOVE IT! It is my Bean House. The bigger it gets, the bigger and stronger and healthier I know my little man is. Plus it moves when Bean moves, which is just plain awesome.

What I'm not so OK with is the way people feel totally at liberty to comment on my size.

I realize I tend to wear tight fitting things over my belly (see above re: how I LIKE MY BELLY). I don't feel any need to hide it behind flowy tops or dresses and I know that might make women who are a generation or two older than I am either a) uncomfortable or, you know, b) JEALOUS, since they had to wear mumus and I don't.

But really?

When someone says "You look like you're due even sooner!" or "You're HUGE!" or "Really? Only 7 months along?", that shit is just plain rude. It is the equivalent of someone saying "You look tired" when they mean "You look like dog ass".

Fortunately, I'm so completely in love with my belly that the comments have been bouncing off of me without leaving any marks. I do NOTICE them however, in the context of: "Wow. People are fucking idiots."

If anyone has any handy, scathing replies please feel free to leave them for me in the comments section!


DomestiKook said...
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Meaghan said...

I don't have any responses for you, but have to say you are so cute (both pregnant & not) and I love that you love your belly! :) I hope I can feel the same way someday.

Diane said...

YOU are still extremely's Bean who is getting big as he should. Wish when I'd carried you it was the thing to show you off instead of covering you up with yards of fabric. BTW, I gained almost 50 lbs. carrying you. You look wonderful. Love, Mom.

Jennifer said...

I gained 36, total, and Kyle was a nice, normal 7 lbs, 2 oz. And, seriously, I got the RUDEST THINGS IMAGINABLE said to me. Ooooh, it still brings me right back. I finally said to one woman, "That's a little insensitive." I never had to see her again, so that made it easy. Mostly, to that and to everything else people have said to me that borders Too Opinionated About My Body and Child I say this, "well, my doctor isn't worried so neither am I."

And the moving belly! I miss it! I really do. Those kicks are still my favorite feeling of my life.

Jane said...

I saw this or another picture on flickr the other day and thought (maybe out load) "wow she looks great!" I don't think pg women can get it right either way. I have two colleagues who are pg and due the same week. One is substantially smaller and gets *constant* remarks about how she doesn't look pg and how small is the baby. I know that gets irritating. And the other complains that she feels enormous in comparison and gets more than her share of insensitive remarks as well. Just what is the "right" way to be pg? Seriously!!

Glad you are happy with your pg! I think you look terrific and love the outfits you put together.

Nutsy Coco said...

Sadly there are just a lot of rude and insensitive people out there! Oblivious too! You look great and as long as you feel great, that's what's most important.

I remember one morning I got a couple of diet cokes for my boss from a vending machine and in the elevator this plump woman said rather rudely "nice breakfast." I didn't even comment but I was thinking to myself - Um, one, they're not for me and two, I'm not fat so if I want diet coke for breakfast, that's my business! Plus, they're diet!

Sarah said...

I think some people just have no sense and say the tackiest things without thinking regardless of if you're pregnant or not. I don't have any witty comebacks for you, but I do think that you look fabulous!

HollyLynne said...

You guys rock. Thanks for all the sweet comments.
People continue to be asshats . . . I got asked on Saturday if I was expecting twins. I really am letting it slide off though, I promise! And hearing such sweet things from all of you helps tons :)

AmyB said...

UM...first of all, where did those 31 lbs GO? Because you look perfectly perfect to me! That belly is amazing and you are seriously rocking the glow. Some people just want to say something for the sake of saying it - we all know this by now. Still, what makes them think that telling a hormonal pregnant woman she is "huge" is a good idea?! Fucking idiots, indeed!

As for scathing replies, I'd start with, "Yes, I'm 7 months pregnant; what's YOUR excuse, fatty?" Yes, I daresay that would shut them up. ;o)

Congrats on the gorgeous belly and being 7 months along!

Domesticrazy said...

LOVE THE BELLEH! I'm glad you're letting it slide off you-because you're right. People really are asshats, a lot of the time. And why people think they need to comment on every damn thing a pregnant woman does I will never know. Unless you're smoking crack while hitting yourself in the stomach with a golf club, everyone else needs to STFU and calm down.

You look great, by the way. So keep showing that bean house off, because it goes so fast!

KT said...

I LOVE that you love the belly! I have a lot of friends who are less than stoked to be pregnant, but I think it will be a fun adventure & like you, hope I can focus on the amazing things taking place rather than the extra pounds!

Brenda said...

you look great! don't let their comments get to you. And if you're not ever going to see them again..... be snarky an ask them when they are due. And the next person who askes if you're twins just say.... ya.... getting two for the price of one!