Thursday, February 11, 2010

Shower Favors

For my baby shower in March, I really wanted to handle making the favors and the gifts for game winners myself. I figure if people are going to buy the Bean presents, the least I can do is make sure I send them home with something nice! Have I mentioned that we invited 68 people to my shower? Not that everyone will come . . . not by a long shot, but for the favors I knew I'd need something I could make a TON of, make them quickly and make them without breaking the bank.

Several months ago, I found a fantastic antique-looking fabric flower tutorial on Refabulous' blog and have used it dozens of times since. The flowers are really inexpensive, quick to make and look wayyyyyy more complicated and costly than they actually are. So? Perfect shower favors!

I made the first batch of 10 over the weekend. My mom helped me cut the circles (which went really quickly because we folded the fabric over about a zillion times before making each cut) and I singed the edges in batches of 5 or so, then sewed in sweet little mother of pearl button centers and pin backs. I chose blue fabric, of course, since Beanage is a boy :)

I think the ones I've finished so far have come out really cute! I'm thinking we can put them all in a basket and have them double as a centerpiece for the food table.

In other, Bean related news: He's kicky! Very kicky! I'm pretty sure he spends most of his time head down now, because I only ever feel his (incessant!) hiccuping in the lowest part of my belly anymore. I think I'm having some Braxton Hicks contractions . . . totally painless but I'll occasionally get a tight spot in my belly that will dissapate after a minute or so. I'd been attributing those feelings to Bean flipping over, but I'm not so sure anymore that they aren't Braxton Hicks. I've got an ultrasound scheduled for 6 weeks from now, in my 35th week to take a guess at Bean's size. Methinks he's going to be a bit of a bruiser.

We started our childbirth classes . . . We've only taken one so far but I really like the instructor and I feel like we're going to learn a LOT. The classes are going to be especially helpful for Boy since I've been reading childbirth education books more or less nonstop since we had our positive test and he hasn't really. Having him prepared, calm and knowing whats up during the delivery is going to be hugely helpful to us both. We've got three other classes lined up over the next two months: infant cpr, infant care and breastfeeding. Good thing the room is mostly done, right? Since we'll be spending the next few months in classrooms!

About that room: The bedding I really wanted from DwellStudio for Target SOLD OUT so I panicked and bought the other DwellStudio set I also loved instead of waiting for the shower. The set we wound up getting I actually like MORE than the set we originally had picked out . . . I just think the original set might have gone better in his room. We'll see soon!! I also picked up a crib mattress for the Bean (and a cradle so he can sleep in our room for the first two months or so) and the bedding should arrive tomorrow, so by Saturday we very well could have a 99.9% completed Bean's room to show off!

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That bedding is so, so cute.