Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Year in pictures

Oh, right! I have one of these blog thinggies. Seem to have forgotten that fact for, oh, TWO WEEKS. But, to be fair, my holiday break was filled to the brim with family, days out and lots of scurrying to get Bean's room started. So! Let's just move on as if I never abandoned this here blog-thing, shall we?

In January:

Boy and I flew back from spending the holidays in New Hampshire and came home to the condo we had jusssttt started redecorating.

Then we flew to Vegas!

And got ourselves legally married!

And went to San Diego to see No Knife.

I engaged in battle royale with FUCKING WEEVILS, conquered the flaming oven of death, and spent a heck of a lot of time planning my wedding (with spreadsheets! And graphs!)

In February:

I was made to wear an absurd hat at my bachelorette party.

Boy became obsessed with taking timed exposure pictures using a flashlight.

My office threw me an amazing bridal shower.

And I had my two year Etsyversary and rebranded my Etsy shop, discovered Smitten Kitchen via her amazing Guinness and Baileys cupcakes, oh, and I guess Boy and I celebrated our first (technically) (legally) married Valentine's day. There was a hockey game (odd choice, but FUN!) followed by takeout dinner, wine and chocolates.

In March:

Boy and I flew to the UK for our wedding. SQUEE!!!

We spent a few days at Hampton Court.

Then a few in Conwy.

Had the most amazing, fairy tale wedding.

Skipped off to Edinburgh for our honeymoon.

Then London . . .

. . . and even Paris for a day.

In April:

I started a silversmithing class . . . and acquired BLOWTORCH!

Boy and I tackled our first major DIY project on the condo . . . repainting and furnishing our rooftop deck.

And I spent much time recounting our wedding exploits. (Also, I will have it be known, I was VERY SKINNY.)

In May:

I set my first faceted stones.

Boy's family threw a party to celebrate our marriage and we got to cut a cake with a SWORD!

And I hunted for the perfect lipgloss and silversmithed a few pieces of which I'm immensely proud.

In June:

I set my first cabochon stone.

Embarked on Moose In The Kitchen's OOTLS organization project which was MUCH MUCH needed and a great success for my poor straining closets.

I also finished my metalsmithing class and went on a new recipe bender.

In July:

We flew to Vegas for Boy's birthday.

My sinuses raged against casinos.

We took up hiking.

We also got an IR filter for our camera and the cooking rampage continuted.

In August:

We went to Spamalot!

Got some VERY! BIG! NEWS!

Spent a few days at Disneyland for my birthday . . .

. . . and another day at Disneyland for my mom's birthday.

I spent some time reminiscing about the Disneyland visits of my childhood, found it hard to fit into all of my pants, hosted a Savor soap giveaway and Boy and I became Disneyland annual passholders essentially for free! (Thank you Disney Visa!)

In September:

Boy and I hosted a Labor Day BBQ on our deck.

I visited Disneyland with my best friend from first grade.

Boy and I discovered that an air mattress and portable DVD player turn our deck into a makeshift drive-in.

And I had my first ultrasound (although I wouldn't mention it here until later), made my first pie (then tossed 3/4 of it due to "morning" sickness), and did a ton of reading (in 10 minute intervals before bed as I was falling asleep at 9:30 most nights). (September was pretty barfy. And sleepy.)

In October:

Boy and I got new bookcases for our bedroom.

We saw The Jealous Sound three times and Sunny Day Real Estate twice during the second best three days of my life (second only to my wedding!). They made this sappy preggo emo-saur weep with happiness. (Really. There was weeping.)

I scammed Disneyland visits out of my Boy and my sister in law,

I celebrated my favorite holiday by dressing up as Sookie Stackhouse, making some killer cupcakes with Boy and passing out candy at my parents' house.

And, most importantly, I spilled the beans on Bean both here on my blog and at work and to my friends. Damn good thing too. I was showing pretty nicely at 12 weeks!

In November:

Boy and I started touring daycare centers (and found one we love!), Went for our big ultrasound and found out our Bean is a healthy and adorable little BOY and I felt his first little kicks.

I volunteered for Habitat for Humanity (and got to use a metal saw!).

We spent a fun filled Thanksgiving weekend with my family and Boy's, I did some reading and promised myself that I'd attempt natural childbirth and I did a super fun guest post for StyleLush.

In December:

Boy and I took a weekend away to celebrate my 1,000th Etsy sale and my 20th week of pregnancy (where else?)

We decked out the condo for Xmas.

And pulled off an amazing holiday, which I've yet to fully recap but will soon . . . and in the meantime, here are pictures!


Rhiannon said...

I'm only MADLY in love with your tree. So cute.

ReFabulous said...

A rich, happy, eventful year indeed. :) Thanks for sharing.

Jennie said...

What an incredible year!

Also, Mike loves Sunny Day Real Estate! He has for 15 yrs or so!

Nutsy Coco said...

Quite a year!! You packed a whole lot into 365 days :)

Krameymartin said...

What a year! I've loved being a part of it!