Thursday, January 7, 2010

Stealing Other Blogger's Ideas

I noticed that Jennie at She Likes Purple has a running list in her sidebar of things she wants to accomplish in 2010. I LOVE THAT! They aren't resolutions which, in my experience, are doomed to be abandoned by mid February . . . just tasks that I'm giving myself the whole year to complete. And think of how awesome it will look all crossed out (hopefully!) at the end of the year.

I made a similar list and posted it in my left sidebar. I'll be adding to it as I think of things or as things come up (I'm sure a few more Bean related things will!). Here is the original list as of today:

Things I want to do in 2010 (to be amended as necessary)

1) Have new carpeting installed in our bedrooms
2) Have shutters installed in Bean’s room
3) Paint Bean’s room
4) Put together a nursery fit for OhDeeDoh . . .and submit photos there
5) Rearrange and add pieces to Boy and my bedroom until it no longer resembles a catch all filled with half-assed things we each had before we got married

6) Make a blanket and pillow for Bean
7) Make a fabric ball for Bean
8) Sew a few diaper clutches
9) Sew a few nursing covers

10) Take Bean to Disneyland
11) Take Bean to The Natural History Museum
12) Take Bean to an Aquarium
13) Take Bean to an art museum
14) Hike with Bean in a carrier
15) Take Bean to the Griffith Observatory

16) Read Husband Coached Childbirth
17) Read Spiritual Midwifery
18) Read Ina May’s Guide to Breastfeeding

19) Find the perfect going home outfit for Bean
20) Find the perfect Halloween costume for Bean (I’m thinking Dragon)

21) Lose my baby weight
22) Switch to organic produce, whenever possible
23) Bake a loaf of wheat bread

24) Streamline and gussy up my Etsy shipping procedures by using Paypal shipping for domestic orders and ordering a seal stamp for my packages
25) Improve my Etsy customer service by ensuring every customer receives a shipping acknowledgement, whether via Paypal or Convo.

26) Buy or make an ornament to participate in Boy’s family’s holiday ornament exchange (for once!)


DomestiKook said...

That's an ambitious list! #24 and #26 suggestions. I found this amazing woman on etsy that makes custom stamps, I'd like to reccomend her to you if you're intersted and don't already have someone. And #26, my mom has been making these INCREDIBLE glass ornaments. Sparkly and beautiful, I'm sure I could convince her to part with one or make one if you had any specific ideas. I'll try to get some photos if you're intersted.

Good luck with the list!

Nutsy Coco said...

I'm all about the new year's list too. I haven't posted mine, but I have a list of things I'd like to accomplish this year and I think it's so much more rewarding than resolutions.

Jane said...

I saw the running list on a different blog and started one as well. Seems like the perfect place to keep everything organized. I can not wait to see what you do for Bean's room. No doubt it will be OhDee Doh worthy!

Jennie said...

I love this list (may add a few to mine based on it!). What I love so much about this idea is that when I'm bored or can't think of anything to do or am just zoned out in front of the TV, I think of my list and what I can tackle RIGHT THEN. (Write a birthday card! Go to the zoo! Read a book!) All those are so much easier than "See the Taj Mahal!"

Anonymous said...
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