Monday, January 25, 2010

Sewing Toys

One of the items on my 2010 list was to sew a fabric ball for Bean. I first saw this project on ReFabulous' blog (where all my good sewing projects come from!). I LOVED the idea and thought the project was absolutely adorable . . . but I figured it was out of my skill range (I like to stick to sewing straight lines). I honestly didn't think I could tackle it, but when I wrote up my 2010 list I figured I'd add the ball project a) because it is so freaking cute and b) to challenge myself.

The pattern is FREE c/o The Purl Bee. The cutting is a bit of a pain (10 pieces per ball), but once that is out of the way the project goes super fast. I made a few little modifications to compensate for my lack of sewing chops: I didn't chain the pieces together. It likely took longer that way but it was easier for me to stop, cut and restart the machine for each seam. I also used felt instead of fabric for the circles at the ball ends because, well, have you ever tried to iron a hem to a circle? It didn't work out so well for me, is all I'm saying. The felt doesn't have to be turned under and I think it added a neat, crafty look.

The first ball I made was flannel . . . I had a dragon and castle print, a flaming guitar print, a pirate print and a neat 70's looking animal themed print. The flannel was FANTASTIC to work with on this project . . .the extra bulk really helped me line things up and keep my seams straight. I didn't quite stuff this ball full enough, although it is still totally cute and useable. Word to anyone who might want to try this project: stuff your ball . . . then stuff it extra!

The second ball I made out of two colors of gingham and two different outdoorsy print fabrics from my stash. I LOVE how this ball came out. The gingham was so thin it was a bit tough to work with, but I managed and I'm really proud of the results!

There's one sewing project crossed of the 2010 list! Over the weekend I also bought materials to sew two nursing covers (another list project) and materials to make favors and game prizes for my baby shower in March (fun!!!). There is going to be quite a bit more sewing in my future.


Krameymartin said...

SO SO Cute!

Meaghan said...

Great job! So cute!

Nutsy Coco said...

Cute and congratulations on challenging yourself! And I know what you mean about the stuffing. I always think I've crammed in all I can possibly cram and then when things are sewed up, I wish I'd crammed in some more.