Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Smack Talking

You know how all the manicurists in the nail salon chatter amongst themselves in Korean and you always think they're talking shit about you but you're never quite sure?


I went on Saturday morning to get a mani/pedi . . . the first of my pregnancy and really only necessitated by the fact that I can no longer comfortably reach my toes (I can still see them though, which is why I wanted them to be pretty). My manicurist was the girl I usually ask for, and while I'm not regular enough at this whole manicure thing to have an actual relationship with her, I've seen her enough times that we do tend to chat a bit. She asked me how far along I was (teh belleh is no longer ambiguous) and we talked about babies for a bit. Then after an exchange between her and the girl who was doing my pedicure she said "You're what, 22?". Which, REALLY FLATTERING, but no, try 30. So I tell her this and she says something to the pedicurist which sets off a stream of chattering and lots of oohs and ahhs. All very nice, of course, because the point is they all thought I looked young, even if that meant they thought I was really young AND pregnant.

Then she asks me if my boobs are real.

And I don't know how much detail I've gone into here, but let it suffice to say they've gone up two cup sizes since I got pregnant and they weren't "small" to begin with.

So, moral of the story, YES, the nail salon ladies WERE all talking shit about me being 22 and knocked up with fake boobs.


I've finally come out the other side from the (fabulous!) (but busy!) Etsy holiday rush and lately I've been focusing on trying to put together the best Xmas possible for my family. I had most of the gift shopping and making done, but I've done a few last minute bits as well as tons of wrapping, decorating and baking. On the agenda tonight is making two loaves of my Grandma's famous Raisin Bread and, you guys, these instructions? All I'm saying is I REALLY WISH she were around to ask for clarification and if you could all cross your fingers for me for a positive Raisin Bread outcome that would be super!

Bean has been cooking along just fine. VERY kicky with the kicking lately. I'm finally starting to get used to the feeling. Everyone told me it would be like 'butterflies fluttering' and I don't know if I've just got an especially strong baby or what but I haven't felt anything that I'd call "butterfly-ish". He KICKS. Last night he was kicking so I poked him and he waited a second then kicked back . . . we went on like this for a few minutes, me poking him and him kicking me. It was so incredible to feel like I was actually interacting with him. Of course now I think he's an extra strong genius baby . . . he isn't even born yet and I'm already assigning him superpowers.

Hope everyone's holiday gear up is trucking along well!


Nutsy Coco said...

I love the manicure story and can only hope that my boobs get bigger when I'm pregnant. Small to extra small would define me.

Um, I'd wish you luck on the raisin bread, but I hate raisins in baked goods so it goes against all that I find tasty and delicious. I guess I could wish you luck in the spirit of Christmas though :)

That's so cute that you got to play with bean even if it did mean he was kicking you. My mom was convinced I was going to be a boy because I kicked the crap out of her and she said I made her feel like a punching bag. Such a delicate little flower, I am!

HollyLynne said...

Don't like raisins?! Wow . . . it never occurred to me that people wouldn't like raisins. I hope all of Boy's family does! YIKES!

organicstills said...

You do have an extra strong genius baby...or a smart ass...or both. :)

organicstills said...

You do have an extra strong genius baby...or a smart ass...or both. :)

Brenda said...

my boobs didn't get big until my milk came in........ and my first baby I could gra her foot whe she was moving around. She didn' really like me doing that and would wiggle more. She was the only one i COULD DO THAT WITH.i'M THINKING SHE STRETCHED MY BABY POCKET OUT....AND THE NEXT BABY STRETCHED OUT MY HIPS.

Brenda said...


Anonymous said...

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