Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Mini Break

It is no secret around these parts that Boy and I like ourselves a good weekend getaway. We've visited Palm Springs and the Aerial Tramway, hiked Joshua Tree, took a boat to Catalina (back when we first started dating!), spent weekends in Vegas more than a few times, stayed in a Wigwam, toured Hearst Castle, took a cruise to Mexico, and had our fair share of Disneyland vacations.

When I see decent hotel rates or airfares I jump on them! And right after we got back from our wedding and agreed that we'd get annual passes to Disneyland this year, I held us a room at the Howard Johnson Plaza Hotel in Anaheim. We usually go for slightly more upscale hotels (with the obvious exception of the Wigwam!), but the reviews for this place are all just phenomenal. Check it out! Turns out, I went to Disneyland on the 22nd with my good friend Tara . . .then again on the 29th with Boy's family . . .so we really didn't wind up NEEDING to take the December 5th room I booked so long ago. HOWEVER, the HoJo is so highly rated it does tend to book up and I'd been wanting to try it out . . . not to mention that our rate was all of EIGHTY SEVEN DOLLARS for the night. ANNNNDDDD I "turned" 20 weeks pregnant on Saturday which boy and I considered to be a bit of a milestone. PLUS! I was sitting on the cusp of my 1,000th sale on Etsy, which did wind up happening over the weekend. Soooo . . . all things considered, the trip wasn't strictly necessary, but it was a nicely, if accidentally, timed celebration.

The hotel did not disappoint! They provided free pirate hats on check in, so I was pretty much sold right there. But things continued to get even better when we walked in to our (huge!) room (with balcony!). They had amazing coffee (I took a sip, yes I did. LET THE FLOGGING COMMENCE!), the location was perfect and we had Mimi's Cafe next door for a fantastic pre-Disney breakfast.

I'm sure you're all anxiously awaiting my Astro Blasters scores and, while I was sure the 398,00 I scored over Thanksgiving was a total fluke I was THRILLED to score just over 300k on the first round of this most recent trip! I then went on to score 44k and 77k. Hrumph. So it seems I'm REALLY GOOD at Astro Blasters, but only sporadically, which kind of makes it more fun, I think.

Boy and I also did some shopping for the Bean:

Had ourselves a (scared but) grand old time on the Ferris Wheel:

Ate ice cream for lunch:

And took a fairly ill-advised turn on the Astro Orbiter (Preggos are allowed to ride, but they should issue warnings about how dumb we look trying to hoist our girth in to and out of the rocket.)

All in all a very fun, very worthwhile trip. I can't help thinking that trips like these will be harder to take once Bean makes his appearance . . .then again, I can't help thinking how much fun he'd have on one. I lost track of how many times Boy and I said "Oh my gosh, Bean would totally flip out over this" during the course of the trip. I know I've technically got him with me all the time (I FEEL YOU KICKING NOW, BEANAGE!), but I still can't wait to show him the world on the outside.

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Sounds like a great little getaway!