Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Second Trimester Extra Energy . . . Going Strong!

You guys, we got SO MUCH done this weekend. Like, it is almost worth breaking it down into several blog posts. You know what? I WILL. But I'm still going to give you the overview all at once:

1) New side tables for our living room! Boy and I have a sofa and a loveseat set at a right angle to each other. For the space in between, we've been meaning to find a side table but figured we could hold off until something struck us. Over the weekend, we went to CB2 to use a store credit we had lying around and found THESE!:

They're actually stools, which is uber convenient for when we have lots of people over (Christmas Day Dinner, anyone?) and I absolutely LOVE the beat up, reclaimed wood they're made of. They're super solid and sturdy yet marred and marked up in a beautifully aged way.

Also, on our CB2 rampage, we picked up a set of 8 of these gorgeous, tall drinking glasses and four of these little guys for the Scotch Tasting night we were hosting that evening . . .

2) Yes, I realize that I can't currently taste Scotch. HOWEVER, pregnant ladies do have an excellent sense of smell so I contributed to the evenings festivities by smell-rating all of the Scotch varieties everyone else tasted. I also made cheese and onion pasties. And drank sparkling cranberry juice.

3) On Sunday morning I smithed a new sterling ring that I'm really proud of . . . and will show off later!

4) Then on Sunday afternoon boy and I went out with my parents to look at carpeting for our and Bean's bedrooms and for paint options for Bean's room. Did you know that decent carpet costs as much as a car? BECAUSE NOBODY ADEQUATELY PREPARED ME FOR THAT.

5) Sunday evening I made THREE Christmas presents, which of course I'm not going to post here just yet but which came out really cute and bring me one little step closer to finishing up the Christmas gift prep. I'm about 75% done! HOORAY!

6) And I finished off the weekend by tinkering with one of my favorite Smitten Kitchen recipes. The yellow squash my market had last week looked absolutely pitiful, so I picked up a few gorgeous zucchini thinking with a few tweaks, I could come up with a Winter version of this recipe (is zucchini a winter veggie? I DON'T EVEN KNOW, but the zucchini I picked up looked glorious and the yellow squash was all white and knobby looking). ANYWAYS, I subbed the green onions for shallots, the thyme for rosemary and the squash for zucchini and everything turned out marvelously.

Somewhere in there I managed to finish a book as well. My reading tastes have gone wayyyy downhill since I got pregnant. It is either childbirth and child development or really, really light and fluffy stuff. Sometimes both at once; and I can't even begin to describe the kind of bizarre dreams I come up with after reading 20 pages on breastfeeding followed by 20 on The Loch Ness Monster.

Boy and I have also gotten our feet wet in the search for a daycare center for Bean. Probably a blog post in itself, but for not let it suffice to say THE VAST AND EXPANSIVE RANGE, OMG! In everything: price, quality, facility . . . I'm so glad we started hunting early because I have a feeling we're going to have to see pretty much every available option before we'll feel prepared to make a decision on where we want Bean.

Hope everyone had a nice and productive weekend!


Nutsy Coco said...

Wow, that is definitely one productive weekend!

As for zucchini, I've always grown it in the summer and I'm pretty sure it's a summer veggie. Winter veggies tend to be much thicker like pumpkins, acorn squash, that sort of thing. Not that I'm an expert by any means so I could be totally wrong :)

Domesticrazy said...

OK, you are putting my pregnant productivity to shame. I did nothing. NOTHING! Glad you're feeling up to doing so much...it looks great! Good luck with day care searches. It's...intimidating!