Thursday, November 5, 2009

Random Rambling

* I took a trip to the office kitchen and saw that our Halloween candy bowl now contains a) a Dum Dum, b) a Starlight Mint and c) a blue Jolly Rancher. We should really just toss the candy and put it out of its misery, right?

* Which reminds me of the time my parents and I were on a train from York to London and we got stuck for HOURRSSS due to "leaves on the rails". You'd think trains could just GO OVER THE LEAVES and all, but you'd be wrong. So, of course, since this leaf situation has been stewing all day, there are like a million people crammed into this one train which is stuck on the rails in the middle of nowhere (with sheep). My dad and I managed to score seats but only in the "Quiet Car" where no cell phones or loud conversations are allowed. About an hour in to the delay we pool our coins and I go off to the cafe car for some crisps. When I get there I am told that they are sold out of everything but Polo Mints and Champagne. I report this back to my dad which OF COURSE, since it is hilarious and since we are in the Quiet Car, prompts a fit of uncontrollable, side splitting laughter on both our parts. We nearly got kicked off that train to hang with the sheep outside.

* I realize those two thoughts are tenuously related.

* But it is FRIDAY tomorrow, people! And I am getting a little antsy over here!

* I have a wedding to go to this weekend. Anyone want to take bets on whether any of my party dresses will fit?

* I am mostly worried about the boobs.

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