Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Bean Updates

So! I had a great doctor's visit last night. Brought my mom with me so she could hear Bean's heartbeat and also because I knew they'd be drawing blood for the AFP screening and I am A BIG FAT BABY when it comes to drawing blood. It isn't a pain thing, needles just creep me out. They're morbid and freakish and bizarre and just EUGH!!!

Frankly, I'm not convinced I should have consented to the AFP screening. It is a sketchy test with a high incidence of false scary results and I don't want to be coerced into an unnecessary amnio on the basis of a crummy test. HOWEVER, Boy thought I should get it and since I was so on the fence about the whole thing, I went ahead and followed his gut instinct.

ANYWAYS, the blood letting portion of my visit went pretty smoothly and I actually was offered and accepted a Swine Flu vaccine (!!!). Yes, yes, I know this is controversial and it is up to each of us to make our own decisions for ourselves (and our beans, as applicable). I've read the research and I've decided that the Swine Flu vaccine is no less safe than the seasonal vaccine that pregnant women have been given for years. While I'm not a big fan of extra medication or medication for no reason, I feel that the benefits outweigh the risks in my own personal case. I work in a large office, live in a large, crowded city and have Bean to think about as well as myself . . . whether coworkers or others stay home when they're sick is totally outside my control. Getting the shot to protect us WAS within my control. So I chose to go for it.

DECISIONS, DECISIONS, with this whole pregnancy thing, no? Craziness!

My doctor's visit was the last one of the day and since the doctor had to have my mom and I wait for a bit (seriously though, not even that long. 10 minutes maybe?) he decided to compensate by doing a quick ultrasound on a mini, portable machine. So, OMG YOU GUYS I GOT A BONUS ULTRASOUND!!! So! Freaking! Exciting! I don't have printouts or anything since it was just a portable machine but we saw the whole Bean! Arms, legs, head, beating heart and all. The doctor said he couldn't tell the gender, but he also said he wouldn't have told me because Boy wasn't there. Not to worry though, I'll know soon enough! I was told to go ahead and schedule my Level II ultrasound (the big, gender one!) for 19 weeks, a full 2 weeks earlier than I expected to be scheduled.


So, REALLY NOSY QUESTION: What is the proper doctor's office pee protocol? Like, HOW MUCH PEE do you provide? Half cup full? Just an inch? A centimeter? HOW COME NONE OF THE BABY BOOKS COVER THIS?

And I'll sign off with that thought as well as a recent belleh photo:


Brenda said...

I thought there should have been a line on that little cup. I always filled it to the top.... just cuz. if a little is good a lot is fantastic.

I wouldn't want to know the sex.... even tho both my dauther and daughter-in-laws did and both are having/had girls. Not that it matters. You're gonna keep him/her anyway. :-)

Jane said...

You are so lucky to have gotten that shot! I have several pg friends who are jonsing for it and their drs don't have it yet. My one friend's children got H1N1 and she hasn't had the shot yet. She is totally freaked out-but so far so good.

Cute belleh shot!

HollyLynne said...

Brenda, I get panic attacks just THINKING about not finding out the sex. I have to know, I'm too much of a planner! I'll still be surprised, I'll just be surprised at 19 weeks instead of 40 :)

Jane, I know . . . I just happened to be at the right place at the right time. My OB's office got a shipment of 200 shots the day before my appointment. They only had 40 left when I came in and they offered me one. I know people have been calling their doctors every day, getting on waiting lists and all that . . . I just got lucky! I was a little on the fence about taking it (not because I was concerned about the shot's safety but because I'm not 100% certain it is going to be effective), but in the end I'm glad to have gotten it. The fact that it'll protect Bean for a few months after he's born is a HUGE benefit.

organicstills said...

Wow, that's quite the bump you've got going on there! :)

As for the pee thing - I figure they can have whatever comes out (minus the first bit and the last bit right? Or whatever they tell you.) Hehe.

Nutsy Coco said...

I'm totally with you on finding out the sex! I agree that it's a surprise either way, it's just a matter of when.

I think the H1N1 shot is a good idea too. I never get a flu shot but I would this year if I find out I'm preggo.

Krameymartin said...

Hi bean!

kat said...

cuteee belly! :)

my coworker is also pregnant and definitely had a hard time finding a place to get the h1n1 shot so you are lucky!

Moose said...

Oh, the blood letting. I cannot do it. I feel faint at the very suggestion. Wilting flower am I.

Proper pee protocol: I'm not entirely certain, but they can't need that much, right? Maybe an inch?

SLynnRo said...

I've pondered that pee question myself, although it's rarely a problem in terms of too little. I'm oft embarrassed it's too much.